Rotherham – there are not one, not two, but three versions of the Labour Party!

Firstly there are those that are loyal to the Labour Party’s aims, values, constitution and rules. This is a very small group indeed within Rotherham Labour.

Secondly there is the Rotherham Labour Party, dominated by the Councillors and the rest of the Party has been bent into subservience. They are the first group of ‘Labour Politicians that are really nothing of the sort, with their own separate policies, practises and unwritten rules. entryists in so many ways.

The third group, are  concentrated in a handful of Wards in Rotherham, they are the Labour entryists type two. Again they have their own rules and practises and aims. One of which seems to have provided political cover, to facilitate corruption and criminality? They are the biraderists, loyal to clan above all else!

Later in this series I will examine each Labour Party version in detail. This brief examination of the issues, is simply a scene setter and intended to get at least some thinking as this ‘triangle of deceit’ has conspired to let us all down!

1 thought on “Rotherham – there are not one, not two, but three versions of the Labour Party!

  1. Very much looking forward to these insights, particularly if names are to be attributed. Of course, what would really be worthwhile would be publication of such, thereby enabling a wider audience to benefit.


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