Rotherham child abuse is the fault of the Labour party

This was garnered from twitter:

Bruce On Politics

Rotherham child abuse is the fault of the Labour party

There seem to be two sorts of child abuse prevalent in Britain, that by freemasons, which is centered on children’s homes, with mainly very young boys as victims and that by gangs of men, mainly of Pakistani origins, with underage white girls as their main victims. The Pakistani gangs have been exposed all over Britain, where they have communities, but Rotherham is the first time the full extent has been properly investigated. And with 1,400 (but possibly many more) victims the result is staggering. Expect the same widespread abuse in other Pakistani communities around Britain if and when they are properly investigated.

16 thoughts on “Rotherham child abuse is the fault of the Labour party

  1. So the huge numbers of paedos operating via the internet, often in international rings, are not at least as ‘prevalent’? Or does Bruce the expert who gives us the benefit of his insight (no doubt gleaned from his knowledge of the games industry), class them as freemasons, or Pakistanis? Or even Pakistani freemasons? His blog is drivel reflecting his personal hang ups – its not a news source. Why quote from it?


    • I published this piece because it was a slightly different take on Rotherham’s problems and it is not only opinions, with which we might agree that should be brought to readers attention! I am sure he has as much right to his opinions as yourself, no matter what his occupation, you evidently feel differently? Rik


      • So what is the “slightly different take” on our problems you have identified that I have missed? A bloke with no discernible reason for having any knowledge of Rotherham other than what he has read in a paper or seen on national TV. You might as well quote from the letters page in the Advertiser – at least those are written by people who actually live here and know something.


      • Of course he’s entitled to his opinion. But why do we need to know it? You’ve still not said what was so insightful as to be worth reproducing here.


  2. You’ve definately got a point there my friend and a very good one. Well said, there are millions of us out there that come from normal backgrounds who wholeheartedly agree with you.


  3. He’s totally right about the Pakistani problem and the link between the Labour Party. It’s no coincidence that this abuse is ripe in mainly Labour areas. I don’t think you will hear too much about multiculturalism and political correctness any more, the entire concept has been shown for a complete failure.


  4. I don’t know what the fuss is everything he has written is spot on. Have you noticed all the Pakistani councillors in Rotherham ( Ahktar, Mahroof & co ) all attached themselves to the Labour party why ? because they knew they would get a free hand to implement their own pakistani politics in Rotherham. As for Bruce not living in Rotherham, so he can’t have a opinion ! What about our own Saint Sarah eh Our Leader for nearly 3 years and still doesn’t live here so don’t go there on that one


    • I agree that just because you don’t live here doesn’t mean you can’t have an opinion. Andrew Norfolk doesn’t live in Rotherham, should he have kept his opinions to himself? But as for Bruce, while I will defend his right to have an opinion, and while some of what he says is true, he does come across as a bit of a nut job. But that’s just my opinion 🙂


    • Dave, please read Danny Lockwoods book “The Islamic Republic of Dewsbury”, everything written in there is happening not just in Rotherham but all over the country. You can get it on Kindle.


  5. Anyone who suspects their daughter of Child Abuse just click on nationwidecarers on the right hand side of Rotherham Politics on SITES WE LIKE then click on “child abuse” section and listen to the 15 minute video
    it will give you full information this video is on the CQC’s, Foundation trust and AWAL the child support lawyers website or just enter on the internet “Advice for whistle-blowers on you tube


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