5 thoughts on “Private Eye – Millers Tale

  1. Quelle Surprise!
    The highly paid council Ch.Exec.of Doncaster says “there is no evidence” that Wilson/Jenkinson-another highly paid parasite-screwed up in Rotherham. Isn’t it amazing? Internal ‘investigations'(?) clears a senior member of Doncaster council of failing to do her job properly when she was employed by RMBC. “Must protect our own”.
    Why wasn’t the investigation carried out by an external body/person?
    It seems that Doncaster council in denial as well as RMBC.


    • Ha that’s just what Rotherham said about Wilson/Jenkinson till they had to pay compensation to at least two people she shafted! She went on long term sick from Rotherham and didn’t return. Social workers were terrified of her bullying and many good social workers left because of her. One I spoke to later said she was still scared of her even though she no longer worked for Rotherham. Piss in same pot really is the truth with these top dog managers. I wouldn’t pay them in washers!


  2. We are always told not to believe all we are told and in this case it turns out to be true. Did anyone expect full transparency in an investigation by Doncaster Council into this woman. They all piss out the same pot. Therefore they will always protect each other. Unlike poor Joyce Thacker, this woman and others legg it before the crap it the fan . Got one in Salford, Liverpool, Birmingham and a few in Doncaster council, forgot another one is working for the body that represents Councils. And let’s not forget Sonia, formally of Rotherham, Sheffield and now in Austrialia.


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