Advertiser News Thursday 2nd April 2015

Two taxi licences suspended over grooming claims

Posted On: 02 April 2015

THE LICENCES of two taxi drivers have been revoked after they were arrested on suspicion of historic sexual offences against underage girls.

17 thoughts on “Advertiser News Thursday 2nd April 2015

  1. Should these two drivers have had their licenses refused in the first place?
    There are many more to come if my information is correct!
    Properly conducted DBS reports,will soon reveal more?


  2. Judy Dalton said on 28th February; ““I have been chair of licensing only since May 2014 but in that time I instigated the development of a new, tougher taxi licensing policy, which was welcomed in the report.
    “However the report felt the new standards did not go far enough, so I look forward to working with the commissioner until we have the right policy and standards in place as soon as possible to ensure the public safety.”
    Another failure by Dalton to drive up standards..

    Battersby says;””Following consultation with both the public and the licensed trade we will shortly be introducing robust new standards for licensing drivers, vehicles and operators”.

    Why has Battersby omitted the inclusion of the Commissioner? Because he will not admit the original proposals were not good enough and like other departments in RMBC a Commissioner will have to oversee the Licensing Committee’s Up Cockus Tremendous.
    Only two more taxi licences suspended? The Police and RMBC are moving at glacial speed to uncover the full extent of how many Rotherham taxi drivers are involved in the CSE scandal.
    Perhaps by the time the 2020 elections are held RMBC will finally man up and publish the true and fullstory about their monumental failures?


    • They protect each, Hear no Evil, See no Evil, Speak no Truth ! A lot of them will have gone back to Pakistan as soon as there was a wiff of an investigation.


      • I spoke to a taxi driver last week he said everyone in the council is stupid because he earns 27k a year pays no tax and owns 6 houses and has never paid any tax. He also said I have never took a mortgage out it’s always cash??????????????


    • Maybe the police possibly what have we heard from alan billings and also has there been any inquiry of the accidental death of p c ali who was alleged to have been involved in the cse scandal things are to quiet from Rotherham lets have some truth about things instead of hiding things


      • The only way to tackle taxi drivers is charge them 500 for the badge alone and get them to sit an exam once a year at riverside the nvq training is no good because most of them will copy each other and understand nothing


  3. About time the Taxi trade in Rotherham was subject to detailed inspection of their operations.

    Let’s start with each and every driver, are they in anyway linked to CSE past or present, and are they fit to be a taxi driver?

    Let’s make unannounced roadside inspections of all of their cars; outside DVSA inspectors would be good to give the public some confidence.

    Lets looks at the tax returns of the operators.

    Now, let’s look at the politicians who should have been safeguarding the passengers.

    Bring it on!


  4. How are the powers that be going to find out whether any driver is linked in any way to CSE?

    It’s no good dealing in hearsay or gossip and it’s easy to bandy names about but knowing something and proving it are 2 different things.

    If anybodies got any real proof against these taxi drivers that will stand up in court they need to make statements urgently to the police or licensing. That’s the only way justice will be served.

    Yes, you may think the authorities didn’t do enough in the past but more information seems to be coming out all the time and any little bit of information you have might just be the piece of the jigsaw that’s needed to make this scum pay for their crimes.

    Too many low life’s get away with things because good people shake their heads, wag their fingers and do nothing or are afraid to do anything.

    So if you know something please please summon your courage and make sure you tell somebody who can do something about it and be prepared to stand by what you say.


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