Ed Miliband: Rotherham girls ‘dreadfully let down’

From the BBC a report:

Ed Miliband: Rotherham girls ‘dreadfully let down’

Ed Miliband has admitted “young girls were dreadfully let down” by Labour in Rotherham.

The leader of the party said: “We got it wrong and I’m sorry for the mistakes Labour made.”

He made the comments as he answered questions from four voters from Yorkshire during an interview on BBC Look North in Leeds.

Mr Miliband is defending the Doncaster North seat he has represented since 2005.

The Jay Report, found the abuse of 1,400 children in Rotherham over a 16-year period up to 2013 was ignored by agencies.


5 thoughts on “Ed Miliband: Rotherham girls ‘dreadfully let down’

  1. The question was “How are Labour going to win the hearts and minds of MY community?” Now, I assume Mr Abbasi was referring to the wider community of Rotherham and not just the towns Muslim population, so it’s a fair enough question. But Mr Miliband totally ignored it. He went on about how Labour had let the town down and let the girls down etc. and how Labour got it wrong on immigration blah blah blah. But he didn’t actually answer the original question. Avoidance tactics appear to be the default setting for Labour.


  2. At last he has admitted it and renegaged on his fellow Labour Party colleagues. Who would trust him only interested in saving his own skin


  3. Millibrand has had to do a lot of apologising recently, first it was Rotherham, the screw up of the economy when Labour was in power last time, the Banks. Now zero hour contracts. It’s not looking like he’s a creditable future PM or his party is capable of being fit for government.


  4. Who would ever have thought it, it turns out in Rotherham it’s those with the red rosettes, that can’t be trusted?
    The response from Labour, adjudged too little too late!
    Labour are still playing for Party advantage, even though they had announced to us they had changed, they haven’t!
    Hope the good voters do the right thing this May?


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