The Day Sir Nutkin Came to Town

It was a chilly Saturday morning in Dinnington, my self and Mr Lewis had decided to go shopping. As we were about to avail ourselves of a Tesco trolley we saw the not fit for purpose deputy leader of RMBC; he told us he had come to get his wife some flowers. He went into the shop one way and came out another minus his wife’s flowers; Mr Lewis said he must be one of those secret shoppers.
Leaving the supermarket behind we thought we would have a stroll along the high street. Much to our surprise we came upon Sir Nutkin and his not fit for purpose entourage; and would you believe it the secret shopper was there. The ever amiable Mr Lewis gave a hearty hello Sir Nutkin what have you done with our half a million pounds. As I am sure you are aware Sir Nutkin is well known for his quick witted repartee; he immediately replied write to me with your question. Mr Lewis is nothing if not persistent, he pursued Sir Nutkin for an answer. This seemed to irritate Sir Nutkin, so I thought I would intervene. In an attempt to calm the situation I quietly approached the by now spooked Sir Nutkin; and asked him, when you stood up in the animal sanctuary and said you accepted completely the Casey report; you also told Pickles Gherkin that you agreed with his actions, why have you got not fit for purpose minions with you? Strange to say this seemed to enrage Nutkin  even more.
 Then a curious thing happened, a garden gnome came in by parachute declaring I am the Labour candidate for Dinnington. By this juncture Sir Nutkin had lost the plot; his tail was bristling as he told Mr Lewis, I have a secret number in my phone it goes direct to the pigs. Did this deter Mr Lewis? Not for a second so Sir Nutkin, the garden gnome and the not fit for purpose clowns took their balloons and left. Mr Lewis and I retired to the coffee shop. Sir Nutkin is probably sat up a tree some where cursing the day he came to town.
Dave Smith

8 thoughts on “The Day Sir Nutkin Came to Town

  1. Funny you should mention this encounter with Sir Nutkins because news on the grapevine is that he got a similar response in Maltby (his former home patch)! Could UKIP unseat the wealthy, mansion owning, former socialist?


    • I for one certainly hope he is unseated. That particular champagne socialist has enjoyed a life of luxury at the tax payers expense for far too long.

      A rough estimate of his wages ALONE in the last 20 years shows he has been paid (note I said paid and not earned) in the region of £1.1m not including other allowances or expenses (and my how he knows how to ride the expenses gravy train)

      I hope he enjoys his severance package of nearly £78,000

      The B.


  2. The thing about every Labour politician is that as soon as they are questioned or challenged they instantly go into one of 3 modes.

    1. Desperately try to squirm out of it or refuse point blank to answer.
    2. Get agitated and annoyed.
    3. Lie about something they said or agreed to.

    Looks like Mr Smith and Mr Lewis got all 3 modes today. Well done, I wish my trips to Dinnington Tesco got such a response, when I see one particular Labour councillor in Tesco all I get is ignored!

    An MP threatening to use his ‘secret number’ in the street against one of the electorate is surely an abuse of the protection MP’s/ministers are afforded by the Police?

    The B.


  3. Sir Nutkin is really in panic mode, people keep staring at him because they wonder who he is. Comments are being made to the effect that he must be worried, he has never been seen on the streets so much. But what still puzzles me is why he still insists on been seen with “not fit for purpose” people. The Deputy Leader RMBC, Watson, who first denies the jay report, and then “squirms” his way through some lame talk of it was the fault of the TV people. Then there is our very own “Taxi” licensing Chair, Dalton, who did such a good job that the Commissioners have had to step in. and lastly our “boy wonder” Beck who had to step down from the Cabinet because he was “not fit for purpose”. So there you have it failures all round.
    Would you want to be seen with these people ?, would you vote for someone who keeps this kind of company ?.
    Strange that the two Candidates for RMBC at Anston and Dinnington BOTH don`t live where they are standing, more desperation. Labour scrapping the barrel.


  4. Pigs?

    Mr. Smith, your comments are a total disgrace, Police officers and PCSO`S from all sections of your community will tonight go on duty, put on a uniform and go about their roles to protect you and your family without considering the political, social or ethnic background of those they seek to serve.

    They well not be perfect, however, they will do their very best to keep you safe.

    Pigs, they are not.

    Semper Fedelis.


    • They certainly acted like it during 1984/5… Source: Striking miner. To have seen how they were used and the violence perpetrated on striking miners by Thatchers boot boys was eye opening… Of course not all are like that but during the strike the majority were. Have they changed..? Clearly not with covering up over Hillsborough and the CSE in Rotherham… Respect is earned not given freely and so far they haven’t earned it in the eyes of ex-Miners….


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