Labour’s leaky bucket two!

Received this, again from a source within UKIP, which appears to be the more significant of the two labour leaks we publish today. The 2015 panel of candidates, no less! Been circulating in UKIP circles for a few days, I understand.

Supplied to UKIP, by someone within the Labour camp? Not exactly united, then?

Certainly this looks genuine:

Anston & Woodsetts Robert Taylor
Boston Castle 2 required Saghir Alam & Taiba Yaseen
Brinsworth and Catcliffe Andrew Roddison
Dinnington Jeanette Mallinder
Hellaby Jennie Andrews
Holderness Lyndsay Pitchley
Hoober Jane Hamilton
Keppel Barry Kaye
Maltby Christine Beaumont
Rawmarsh Simon Evans
Rother Vale Darren JL Hughes
Rotherham East Tajamal Khan
Rotherham West Ian Jones
Silverwood John Rosling
Sitwell Haroon Rashid
Swinton Eve Rose
Valley Dave Pickering
Wales Dominic Beck
Wath Jayne Elliot
Wickersley Chris Read
Wingfield Richard Price


15 thoughts on “Labour’s leaky bucket two!

  1. Can confirm Pickering and Hughes. Although I always thought Hughes was a Tory? Like smoke that bloke, he gets everywhere!


  2. I can confirm Mallinder Labour then independent now Labour again, she told me I was a village idiot when I met her yesterday with Sir Nutkin; just because I told some one she was talking to she does not come from here who promptly tore up the leaflet and gave it her back. I asked her where one of the most deprived areas in the country was, she did not know it is in Dinnington; she would be some bloody use to us.
    Dave Smith


    • Darren Hughes? Having had the pleasure of his short tenure in the Anston area I wouldn’t vote for him either.

      Nor would I trust him after he turned his back on the people who elected him.


      • I find in difficult to separate Darren from his acolyte Dominic Beck. They both have as much in common with what the Labour party nationally stands for as Akhtar does.


      • Beck and Hughes are Akhtars men, neither of them are loyal to the National Labour Party either, come to that! Expect both to lose?


    • If he’s 68 that’s a very old photograph! Mind you I hardly recognised Jane Collins from the photo she put on her letter that I recently received.


      • If you mean the photo on the Residents Survey”, yes it is a few years old, but there is a good and valid explanation for the difference to how she looks today.


  3. Agree Jeanette Mallinder is liability knows very little about anything surprised she knows where Dinnington is. Another one out for herself and the money.


    • Mallinder was all over Dinnington yesterday, asking where meadow street was. Hardly a prime candidate for the Dinnington people.


    • No, but by that time he had amassed four decades of experience in politics – he was hardly a newbie. That said, I don’t think 68 is too old to become a councillor.

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