15 thoughts on “A Labour Leaflet at last

  1. Hasn’t most of this been discussed here?


    She has plans for Child Sexual Exploitation and campaigns nationally and locally. “I will always fight for the victims and survivors”. No mention or criticism of the failed Labour council that covered up CSE who’s members she cosies up to. I have been prepared to give her the benefit of the doubt but now I’m sure she is nothing less than a two faced hypocrite who is using CSE and the support of the people who covered it up as a tool to get re elected.

    Save the NHS by reversing the Tory privatisation. No mention of the privatisation of the NHS whilst the last Labour Government was in power then? What about the £80billion of NHS PFI projects with private companies they signed the NHS up to which we will be repaying for generations?

    Tackle the cost of living crisis. Like unemployment and the economy Labour can’t use this as an argument as the cost of living is coming down (according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies, by next year household incomes will be higher than they were in 2010). They can’t even agree about how much people are supposedly worse off i.e. Champion said on the Sunday Politics show that the average household was £1900 a year worse off. Milliband in his HofC response to the last budget in March of this year said each household was £1600 worse off.

    Action on immigration. Remind me again who had an open door policy on immigration into this country which allowed 100’s of thousands of immigrants to come into this country?

    None of what she says or what the Labour party says is believable anymore. The party of desperation, lies and hypocrisy.

    The Badger


  2. Had her hangers on doorstepping on Thursday morning. The women at my door on sarahs behalf knew even less about her CV than I did. Which was a pity. I did wonder if they had bothered to ask paul (pied piper) lakin for his vote. I drove past him that very afternoon, he was fiddling with his roof rack (preparing for another holiday), I was both incensed and amused by the very long angry stare he gave me. He was also heard shouting at the poor children playing near his house. Maybe the canvessers had brought home the fact hes no longer in a position of power, maybe he just needed some vulnerable to abuse.


  3. The offer of a guaranteed job is not the same as .. The Compulsory Jobs Guarantee….. The government will pay for the wage and employer’s national insurance contributions for 25 hours over six months at the national minimum wage. The government will also provide an extra £500 per employee to pay towards training and admin costs.

    Participants will be required to undergo training provided by the employer as well as intensive job-search activity for a permanent opportunity at the end of the six months. Those jobseekers who refuse to take up the offer of a job would risk losing their benefits, in line with the existing sanctions regime.
    Source…. http://press.labour.org.uk/post/79110402681/next-labour-government-will-guarantee-starter-jobs


  4. The more I’ve been listening to Labour, the more convince i am it’s not fit to run the country. Although I wouldn’t trust the Tories or Liberals, i don’t think Ukip will make any kind of impact either way. Their policies are simply not believable or credible.


    • So don’t vote at all….and let Labour in again. Last year’s election does show that Ukip have a chance of kicking the Labour council out….. and that’s good enough for me….even though they are new and naturally are weak. Similarly, anyone but Champion……imagine how the country will laugh at Rotherham if we vote in Labour again.


  5. I hear what your saying R Wilde but here in Rotherham (and Rother Valley in particular) we need to try someone different even if it doesn’t work.

    The present incumbent is not only unfit for purpose but shows his lack of integrity on many levels (expenses, gagging political opponents, refusing to answer questions etc). He has to go and at this moment, I really don’t mind who takes over, they can’t do a worse job can they?

    The B.


    • You’d hope not Badger. As I said there isn’t one I’d WILLINGLY choose, but I have to vote for one of them, as spoiling my paper or not voting in protest isn’t going to do any good for anyone. It’s a case of choosing the least worst though rather than choosing the best. I’m just not sure who the least worst amongst them is.


  6. I’ve said it before and Ill say it again. I think people are underestimating the Rotherham Labour groups ability to flood the area and to talk to people ‘who have always voted Labour’ into voting Labour again this time. A few mentions of the NHS being in danger from the Tories and that evil Thatcherite UKIP party and people will eventually listen.

    The Labour party know their backs are against the wall and they are fighting to protect their positions and power.

    When the Police and Crime Commissioner elections took place lots of people on here felt that after Wright there was no way a Labour candidate would win. Look what happened there.

    Just because a lot of people on here won’t vote Labour, it doesn’t mean to say that a lot of Rotherham residents won’t vote Labour. Sheep have short memories.

    The B.


  7. Yep …. what you hear is …. “I have voted Labour all my life ” “my parents voted Labour” “my dad was a miner” (obviously all miners voted Labour) “we hate thatcher” (a woman who was prime minister in the 80s) and the only way to show hatred for her is to vote labour . Just exactly what can Labour do to lose this allegiance by the sheep of rovrum . it’s a scary thought really.. what has to happen in this town before the labour supporters say … “no that’s gone too far I am not supporting that” Here is someone else’s thoughts on the matter. http://conservativewoman.co.uk/laura-perrins-people-vote-kind-heartless-labour-council-run-rotherham/


  8. So when the Labour party stands idly by for more than 12 years and does nothing to stop CSE, covers it up, denies it and allows its party members to go unpunished or unchallenged, there is not one murmur from Champion.

    David Cameron didn’t reply to one letter and all of a sudden its disgusting.

    The only thing that is disgusting is the way this woman uses CSE for political purposes and to further her career.

    The B.


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