Kevin Barron – A leaflet

Thanks to Dave Smith and his scanner, I can bring you this leaflet from Kevin Barron, the incubent, who is showing some serious signs of distress in his campaign for re-election:



22 thoughts on “Kevin Barron – A leaflet

  1. Did he have to get the leaflet printed in Northumberland? Why not throw the business rotherham way? Has he heard the one about, labour, Rotherham and mass exploitation of vulnerable children and their families?


  2. Barron signs off as Kevin Barron MP. He is not an MP, Parliament has been dissolved. He is the Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Rother Valley.
    I have a feeling the MP claim breaches Electoral Law….anyone any ideas?


      • Lifted from Guido Fawkes,..1.1 During the period when Parliament is dissolved prior to a General Election, there are no Members of Parliament. Consequently, you should not use that title.
        Seems like our vastly experienced candidate could have got it wrong.


        • Or his vastly expensive Election Guru, he is employing to win the election, smacks of amateurism to me? As does the not permitted twitter account, the MPs were specifically warned of this too!


      • When Parliament is dissolved the role of MP ceases to exist until the election of a new House of Commons at the general election. Parliament was dissolved on 30 March 2015.
        There are no Members of Parliament. MPs revert to being members of the public and lose privileges associated with being a Member of Parliament.
        The Prime Minister and Cabinet retain their titles and will still technically be in charge of their departments because they are appointed by the Queen to those roles, rather than being elected by the public.

        But they can’t call themselves MPs. They are no longer MPs once parliament is dissolved. They are ordinary members of the public with no special privileges. That’s because every seat in the House of Commons is now up for grabs.
        Kevin Barron can’t use his MP Title so as broken parliamentary rules and also electoral law.


  3. More rubbish, no substance and just words consisting of attacks on UKIP and the Tories and of course the obligatory scare tactic of mentioning Thatcher to play to everyone who hated her.

    “Choose a party that puts you and your family first”

    What he really means is ‘Choose a party that puts me and my family first’

    The Badger


  4. Money in the Geordie economy. He was probably told to use this printer by the National Party. They are probably one of the only printers who have staff who belong to a union affiliated to the Labour Party. Still what is wrong with a Rotherham printer


  5. “I will protect our NHS”.
    I do not remember Sir Nutkin speaking up when his party handed out PFI contracts.
    103 PFI deals were struck by Labour for the NHS with a combined value of £11.4 billion. By the time that they are paid off, they will have cost more than £65 billion.
    Thanks for your protection Guv’.


    • So Sir ‘Barron’s leaflet…
      Full of lies. Especially on UKIP’S policy on the NHS.
      Here’s a brief insight on UKIP’S pledge to Britain.

      UKIP’s pledge to Britain is:

      Say NO to the EU
      Control our Borders
      Extra £3 billion for the NHS
      Cut foreign aid spending
      No tax on the minimum wage

      These 5 key pledges highlight quite how UKIP differs from the political establishment, on all these points we are at one with the public as was shown by a recent opinion poll.

      A recent ComRes opinion poll showed that:

      60% of people believe we should hold an immediate referendum on whether or not the UK should be a member of the European Union
      72% of people believe we should introduce a new system of control for immigration using an equivalent of the Australian points-based system
      81% of people believe we should commit an additional £3billion of annual spending on the NHS in England and Wales.

      UKIP launch NHS policy
      23 Feb 2015…
      UKIP health spokesman Louise Bours launched the party’s policy programme for health and social care. Reiterating its commitment to invest £3 billion per year extra in the NHS front line, Bours said that if elected, UKIP would increase dementia funding by £130 million per year over the next parliament and would increase social care funding for older people by £1 billion each year. The party also announced that integration of health and social care is a priority, and that it would enable this by bringing funding of both under an NHS-controlled ‘social care fund’.

      Bours confirmed also the party’s pledges to scrap hospital car parking charges in England, make private medical insurance compulsory for many migrants, introduce a license to practice for medical mangers and abolish the Care Quality Commission, with inspections undertaken by democratically elected local health boards.

      70% of people believe we should cut the amount spent by the Government on overseas aid.
      74% of people believe we should ensure people on the national minimum wage do not have to pay income tax. (£13,500)

      Letting people earn a basic living for themselves before the state starts asking them to pay income tax to fund the lives of others. UKIP will support a personal allowance that is equivalent to full-time minimum wage earnings – expected to be around £13,500 by the time of the general election. Our MPs will champion this and vote for it in the House of Commons during the next parliament, hoping to find others of like mind with whom to make common cause.

      At the last Budget, UKIP said that our policy would be to raise the 40% tax threshold to at least £45,000. Well, we are able to make a better offer.

      The policy we will take into the next parliament will be to cut the 40% rate where it starts to 35%. So a 35% rate would start at earnings just above £42,000 and apply all the way up to £55,000. Only at earnings of £55,000 would the 40% rate become payable.

      And in time, UKIP would like to go further. An eventual tax structure of a personal allowance at the level of the full-time minimum wage, followed by a 20p standard rate, a 30p intermediate rate and a 40p top rate would be simpler, flatter with both a dynamic economy and a fair society.
      Let me also tell you what UKIP wants to do to inheritance tax; Scrap it altogether.

      UKIP proposes that a Treasury Commission, using the best brains of that elite Whitehall department, be set up to design a turnover tax for large businesses. Every major company would have to show it had paid a set proportion of its turnover in corporation and other taxes or would face an additional charge to bring it up to the minimum. This would work as a back stop for the tax system and ensure that every big company pays a fair share of tax.


      • ….and so endeth the party political broadcast on behalf of the United Kingdom Independence Party.

        At least there’s some substance to it…….something completely lacking in the Kevin Barron leaflet


  6. Have Labour not learnt from last year. Giving UKIP free publicity about their policies. Get Labours policies across not aid and abet the opposition.


  7. If you get the opportunity to ask Sir Nutkin a question whilst he is out on the hustings, if he does not like it he will tell you to put it in writing to him. He can not deal with people constantly asking him question, especially about CSE and his holiday home as he calls his Derbyshire mansion. Also ask him why he is surrounding himself with not fit for purpose councillors, his campaign is a pretty weak affair. Rumour has it that he is paying a guy quite a lot of money to organise it.
    Dave Smith


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