Surely something missing?

Rothpol brings you another interesting leaflet courtesy of Dave Smith. I’m sure there is something missing?


11 thoughts on “Surely something missing?

  1. Thousands of children getting raped by perverts for years while the party line was to condone collude coverup and decriminalize. Time and again, they find it too easy to overlook.


  2. Pakistani child rapist, child abusers, child exployters dealt with eventually if at all. So long as we don’t lose their votes.


    • I don’t know anything about her (apart from she appears to be a Labour clone) and had never heard of her until recently, please enlighten me!


      • Jeanette Mallinder failed to get elected to Maltby Town Council-Twice.
        She failed to get elected last year as the Labour candidate for Hellaby ward-Beaten by UKIP with 675 votes majority.
        She resigned from the Labour party to stand as an Independent then scurried back to Labour again.
        She knows as much about Dinnington as I do about Astro-physics.


  3. I asked her where one of the most deprived areas in the country was, she did not know it was Dinnington. Her best shot was calling me a F—–g village idiot, such a nice person, whilst she was handing leaflets to people I was telling them that she doesn’t come from Dinnington; so they either tore it up or chucked it in the bin. She will struggle to convince Dinnington that some one who has never lived here probably never even visited here knows what the people need and want.
    Dave Smith


  4. Isn’t that just classic of someone who want’s to get on the RMBC gravy train swap their allegiances at the drop of a hat Labour, independent oh and then Labour again. Bet it turns out she’s got some sort of connection with some other councillor or MP after all they all p**s in the same pot We’ve ad a belly full of Labour, UKIP may turn out to be no better but hell why not give them a chance what we got to lose


    • Well said Dave. You’ll probably get stick from one or two diehards on Rothpol but Rotherham has nothing to lose by going Ukip…..and oh, how good to kick the Labour council where it hurts 🙂


  5. Barron has the same problem in Anston, its that bad they have had to “parachute a Fireman” in, some one else who does not come from Anston, to replace Dalton who comes from Dinnington. Whats up with these Labour people, why don`t they stand for Election where they live?.


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