Akhtar’s finished, but Labour don’t know how to tell him?

Akhtar’s finished, but Labour don’t know how to tell him?

From the moment of Andrew Norfolk’s first exposures concerning the Rotherham CSE Scandal, Jahangir Akhtar was on borrowed time, as far as his Labour Membership was concerened?

Labour briefly suspended his membership, in fact for the second time, the first was when he had been convicted of the crime of affray, a reminder for those without long memories and the second piece of the jigsaw.

Labour relented and restored his party card. Little doubt with some assistance from the same solicitors that suceeded in saving Naz Ahmed’s Labour Membership card, on two ocasions but not the third.

By now comfortably back in control, Jahangir Akhtar installed himself as the Labour Candidate for Rotherham West. Things didn’t exactly go to plan, when the voters rejected him last May, oh dear!

The publication of the Jay report saw the beginning of Akhtar’s now third, period of suspension. The Casey Report, exposed the failures she had encountered, for us all to see! The Casey report also exposed Akhtar as a bully, who had exerted ‘undue-influence’ along with others on the decision making of Officers!

Jahangir Akhtar is all but finished then, but Labour seem not to want to tell him? At least, not this side of the General Election any way?

Naz Ahmed eventually resigned, if Jahangir Akhtar had any shred of decency or honour left, he would resign too, and save the Labour Party the trouble!

Why might that be? He has already done more than most, to bring the party into disrepute!

For the answer, we need to go back to Naz Ahmed and his three suspensions? The help of Steve Smith was crucial to the first two restorations of his Labour Party card but when Naz Ahmed’s words on Pakistan TV were exposed, the third restoration was one too far even for one of such talents. Naz Ahmed you see, had made the mistake of revealing that his prosecution and incarceration in a British prison “was the fault of an International Jewish conspiracy!”. Needless to say Naz ended up leaving, the day before his expulsion was to be announced!

Jahangir Akhtar would be expected to do likewise and engage Steve Smith’s services, perhaps that’s what is causing the delay in Akhtar’s expulsion from the Labour Party, fear of what’s to come, once they act?

Three strikes and you are out, remember’!

16 thoughts on “Akhtar’s finished, but Labour don’t know how to tell him?

  1. Akhtar also had his taxi licence suspended when he was convicted of affray. Who represented him then at the licensing board not Steven Smith non other than the now Baroness Warsi


    • Warsi turns up elsewhwere in Akhtars criminal history, at his trial for affray, for example!
      How many testimonials? About 90, some from senior police officers who might live to regret their confidence in him now?
      Haven’t seen Akhtars enforcer Sajid for a while? Rumour has it, he was one of the two whose Taxi Licences have been revoked, surely not? Didn’t he say they had, “fixed the Council, fixed the Police, fixed the Advertiser and fixed the local BBC!”


  2. It’s convient to blame Aktar and his cronies for what went on in Rotherham and I’m in no way diminishing their disasterious contributions to this scandal. However they could not have suceeded if not for the tacit approval of others. Hopefully they will receive the same fate, awaiting Aktar or even worse.


  3. What I have not fathomed yet is how come there are all those Cllrs who have had to step down from the Cabinet, yet not one of them has been put in front of the Standards Committee for “bringing the Council into disrepute”. It seems Mrs Collins, the Monitoring Officer for Standards, is quite content to put Independent Cllrs in front of the Standards Committee, for quite trivial matters, yet when the whole Council is brought down by Labour Cllrs, not one of them is even looked at.
    Are there double standards at the Standards Committee ??.


    • Just out of interest does anyone know the status of the Standards Committee now that the council is being run by commissioners?


      • Robin:
        A few weeks ago Mr.Phil Beavers-an Independent person-told a meeting at Anston Parish Council the Commissioners will not and would not oversee and/or interfere with the Monitoring Officer and her department. Jacqui Collins is being given a free hand to carry on as normal, whatever ‘normal’ means.
        She is meant to be divorced from the Standards Committee however she pulls the strings and they follow her ‘recommendations’. Neither she nor the SC are politically independent and this clouds her judgement in spite of her protestations to the contrary.
        In reality it is ‘SNAFU’.


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