8 thoughts on “Coming thick and fast now – John Healey

    • On his election leaflet, I see no Pakistani people, just Whites. Abit much now he’s claiming he’s been working for white’s and their children all the time?


  1. Your really spoiling us. I cant stomach another one. HEAR NO EVIL SEE NO EVILSPEAK NO EVIL and rinse it for all its worth. That, I could swallow.


  2. Think praps all these Labour leaflets were posted through the wrong letter boxes shouldn’t they have gone to houses in CLOUD CUCKOO LAND cos the statements on them definatley don’t describe the MP’s who have been representing us in the past “My top priority has always been to bring jobs and investments to our area” even after the CSE scandal he still refuses to mention it reminds me a bit of Basil Faulty ” Don’t mention the war sketch ” Anyone who votes Labour after what has happened on their watch is delusional if they think anything is going to change !!


  3. “to lift the prospects for our area”, well done, but tell me, were you not in power in Rotherham last year and the year before etc etc. So why then did you not “lift the prospects” then ?. These MPs, and the RMBC Cllrs are just the same, have pockets of deprivation in their areas, and have had this issue for over 20 odd years. So why do we still have deprivation after all these Labour years in power. Smacks of abject failure to me and they quite clearly have not helped the “working Man” in Rotherham.
    I also note that he is using a person from the “Residents Association”, is the Lady speaking on behalf of All the Residents, and did they all approve ?. More of a worry, some of these Residents Assn have affiliation to the newly formed ROTHERFED Charity, so is this MP in effect using Charities to back his Political Campaign, a big NO NO I think.


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