News – Wednesday 8 April 2015

Rotherham Council commissioners to cost around £300,000 per year

Rotherham’s team of Government-appointed commissioners are to cost taxpayers £300,000 per year – but promise to provide ‘value for money’ to the town.

The five commissioners were brought in as a result of the town’s grooming scandal and are due to be in post until March 2019.

Police aim to end modern slavery

MODERN slavery is being targeted in a new campaign by South Yorkshire Police.

Police say they want to put an end to the crime which saw 11 cases reported in the county last year.

The campaign coincides with the new Modern Slavery Act 2015 and will see a series of posters highlight the ways in which slavery exists – domestic servitude, forced labour, sexual exploitation and criminal activity.

11 thoughts on “News – Wednesday 8 April 2015

  1. My concern is how these people became the chosen ones – strikes me, they’re just mates of Eric Pickles and we’ve gone from one bunch of undemocratic freeloaders to another.


    • The Commissioners are not ‘mates of Eric Pickles’. Each person was chosen to bring different skills to the proper management of a corrupt and failing council.
      The Commissioners also have to provide the Secretary of State responsible for the DCLG with regular updates and reports, this means openness and transparency two things which RMBC failed to recognise or implement.
      I suggest you refrain from generalisations-unless you can provide evidence of direct links between EP and the commissioners?


  2. Well what is really needed then, is a full and proper explanation of the selection process of these very expensive people, because until that is made available and so far it has not, in spite of repeated requests to that effect, generalisations and opinions will unavoidably be based upon the experiences that Rotherham residents have endured to-date i.e. a complete lack of democracy.

    As for the link between Eric Pickles and the commissars, I’m pretty sure that he is the Secretary of State for the Department for Communities and Local Government and seeing as how the following extract from a letter from his department, to RMBC, typically states “The
    Secretary of State proposes to direct that the Authority’s functions listed below are to be exercised by the Commissioners, who will act jointly or severally, and that the Authority is to provide the Commissioners with such assistance and information, including any views of the Authority’s members on the matter in question, as the Commissioners may request.” etc. etc. then I think it’s pretty safe to assume some sort of a link between the two parties – er, don’t you?

    Click on this link:

    Click to access 150120_PR_to_Rotherham.pdf

    And as for acquiescence to any government’s imposition of non-democratic rule over any borough of the United Kingdom, well, er, we’re all welcome to our views. But it would be helpful if such statements as ” Each person was chosen to bring different skills …” were substantiated.

    Thankfully, RP exists to provide a platform to properly challenge any such perceived misuse of power.


    • @trambuster:
      If you want to know the vital skills each commissioner brings to Rotherham then here you are:
      Click on info underneath each photograph.
      I’m trying to understand your quantum leap in logic when you wrote “……generalisations and opinions will unavoidably be based upon the experiences that Rotherham residents have endured to-date i.e. a complete lack of democracy.”
      What is the link between the appointment of commissioners and RMBC’s lousy record in open democracy?
      If you really are concerned about the selection processes used to hire the commissioners then an email to the DCLG will eventually get you the answer.
      What is it with people on here who criticise RMBC councillors then criticise the team sent in to repair the damage caused by Labour bully boys?


  3. Remember this, if the previous incumbents in those postions had done their jobs properly, we would’ve had CSE on the scale Rotherham had and they wouldn’t be there. The blame is on all those incompetent, liaring, dumb Labour councillars and their friends for this mess.


  4. After the elections could be a the time to draw a line under this incompetent Rotherham Labour administration, (Lets park that as New Labour would say) I will come back to this point later.

    Now is the time to submit FOI`s asking those now in charge to publish the SMART objectives, performance outcomes, financial rewards etc for each of the Commissioners.

    All it takes is a few strokes of the keyboard to keep these Commissioners being held to account.

    I would be more than confident that Rothpol would have links to those who know how to craft an e-mail in such a way that it provides the information they would like to keep out off the public domain.

    Remember this, we pay Tax, and we all pay their very highly bloated salaries.

    Ten minutes of your time to change the lives of individuals in Rotherham.

    I have to say submitting FOI`s to RMBC is at most ,very interesting.

    Go for it key board warriors!


  5. It is interesting how the Commissioners are seen by many on here as saviours. But why did Pickles pick Julie Kenny as a Commissioner? Julie Kenny was Chair of the Rotherham Local Strategic Partnership from 2002 and carried on in that role until late 2005/early 2006. Councillor Roger Stone was vice Chair of the Partnership from 2003.

    The Partnership was THE place where the most senior Council leaders, along with the most senior people from the Police, Health, third sectors, shared information and led work across Rotherham.

    If by 2004/5 in Rotherham, CSE was indeed widely known about by senior people across Rotherham, The Rotherham Partnership would have been THE key place where solutions/prevention will have been coordinated, or as a very minimum intelligence would have been shared. The job of the Chair should have been to ensure the agenda was full of the most pressing things concerning Rotherham. If it wasn’t then she would have failed.

    So why is Julie Kenny not tainted by all this lack of attention to CSE in 2004/5? Why was she chosen as a Commissioner? Is it because she’s not a politician?


  6. Whilst I welcome the Commissioners presence (at least now there is some form of scrutiny) I do wonder at the point that if we elect new Cllrs in May, regardless of which Party, they have no democratic legitimacy because any decision they make is authorised by un elected officials. so in reality its a little pointless electing them because they are powerless.


  7. Exactly! the complete absence of scrutiny is precisely why Rotherham council and its victims are in the dreadful state they are.

    And the fact that there are some residents who are happy to doff their flat caps and be cringingly thankful for the morsels that the toffs have tossed to the northern oiks, and not question the basis and costs of the imposition that has been wrought upon us, frankly makes me want to throw up.

    The government has thrust these expensive people upon us, it has chucked the bill at us and we aren’t supposed to ask to ask questions of them!?!? I think not!


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