Akhtar’s MO?

A recent comment from a character who uses the alias D for 9, seems to have given far more away about Asbo Akhtar’s Modus Operandi, than he would be comfortable with:

“Allegations? I could easily make an allegation about anyone innocently walking past me in the street and if it was a serious one of the nature we are talking of then it would, rightly so, have to be investigated to the full yet go no further due to “no evidence” but all of a sudden a totally innocent person (the one I made the allegation against) is now  labelled as having made threats against me.”  July 28, 2013 at 2:15

In fact, a perfect explanation of Jahangir Akhtar’s behaviour in making complaints to the Police to procure an investigation that ends up with the Police harassing the subject of the complaint on the complainants behalf. Harassment  by Cop, no less! Simples as they say, but absolutely outrageous!

Rotherham Politics has evidence of a number of examples, of just this kind of behaviour that demonstrates this approach to dealing with political opponents.

Why do the Police co-operate? Wasting Police time, I would have thought was a serious matter, as would, ‘attempting to pervert the course of justice’, no matter who was doing it? Why does Akhtar think the police are his personal servants?

5 thoughts on “Akhtar’s MO?

  1. “Why do the Police co-operate?”

    If the police officer concerned doesn’t investigate the first allegation then the person who made it could accuse the police officer of ignoring racial harassment or ignoring them because of their race and then the police officer would get investigated.

    We’re living in a PC gulag.


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