Sajid and Majid Bostan – mystery solved!

Missing for a while now, Sajid and Majid Bostan have now been named locally, as the two taxi drivers who have had their licences revoked by the council. See Rotherham – Two arrests!

It was Sajid who infamously stated, they had “fixed the Council, fixed the Police, fixed the Advertiser and fixed the local BBC!” who also went on to claim untouchability, when it came to being held to account for their criminality!

Sajid and his brother Majid, both drive for Gold Star, one of the largest taxi companies in Rotherham, that has associations with Jahangir Akhtar, who was himself, the first to have his licence to drive taxis, revoked by the Council.

The ‘culture of impunity’ is clearly coming to an end! Further arrests and licence revokations, are on the horizon? The child victims didn’t drive themselves, when they were being trafficked?

There is also, I understand, at least one senior licensing officer, not seen at her desk for some time, who is currently suspended!

Wonder what Judy Dalton has made of these developments? She was the last to preside over Taxi Licensing? Her own failure is being exposed here too!

Taxi Licences currently revoked

Jahangir Akhtar
Majid Bostan
Sajid Bostan

Readers could help us by identifying those pictured?


42 thoughts on “Sajid and Majid Bostan – mystery solved!

  1. Sajid Bostan I remember him his the one who threatend and intimidated an elderly resident as meeting took place for Labour Party Bostan Castle Ward, when Mahroof Hussain went around with his Pakistani Mafia.
    Sir Rik I am sure you had pictures of Sajid Bostan after the meeting where he was seen to behaving in an aggressive manner, any chance you would be able to attach these pictures so that more victims might come forward.
    His also V Chairman for Rotherham Private Hire Drivers Association?


  2. Pretty pointless really, they will go to another authority to obtain a plate and will be back on the road for weekend. RMBC won’t be able to do a thing if the vehicle is not road worthy, always check to see what plate the vehicle is carrying.
    I’m sure there is only a smal number of firms in rotherham who won’t employ drivers with plates from out of town.


    • This is Why the scum don’t want stricter lincencing laws. For God and Rotherhams sake don’t let this load of criminals get back in in May. These photos should be published in The Advertiser unless they really have fixed it !


    • I don’t think so, with it being widely know of the Taxi trade assoication with CSE and these taxi drivers having their licence being revoked, they would have to go through the usually checks again. Surely any licensing dept would ask questions. And any prospective taxi firm would do the same, am sure their would be consquences for them too.


      • Look at the rear plate, I’m sure leeds plates are red there is also another plate they’ve been using, think it’s around the Worksop area and they don’t have the same procedures. Also our own council departments dont communicate so why should other authority’s. Basically we’ve got nonces, thugs & thieves still driving taxis in rotherham. You’ll also find the company’s who allow this to happen tend to be related and from the same community.


    • Tajamal Khan is related to Goldstar and Phonix taxis, his also a taxi driver and related to former councillors Mahroof Hussain and Shaukat Ali.
      And his standing in the East Ward for Labour Party.


    • If he’s an advisor the only thing he’ll be advising on is how to cover your tracks and how to make sure your taxi takings look lower than they are so you can claim as many benefits as possible and any property you rent out are only paid for in cash.


  3. I know of a rotherham taxi driver thats been in prison for simething to do with attempted armed robbery. Was something to do with pulling out an imitation firearm in a petrol station one night. Thenv2 years ago was found guilty of assault and given community service. He deals in and uses drugs and is still driving a mini cab for fast 4’s


  4. Reminds of the part of the Louise Casey report where one of the workers in the licensing dept. told her about how they proved nothing was happening in Clifton park with taxi drivers and young girls. They held a surveillance of the area over several nights, nothing happened;but this plonker goes on to say they had warned all the taxi drivers that they was going to do it. Rotherham Labour party has a new slogan ” crap on crime soft on the perpetrators of crimes” Vote independent on May 7th political parties don’t work.
    Dave Smith


  5. Could not have happened to a nicer bloke. Bostan brothers, all of them, are a group of pompous idiots who roam the streets living off some conceited image of “bad brothers”. Important to note one of them, Arfan, is highly involved with the British Muslim Youth (founder Muhbeen, nephew of Mahroof) so again using BMY to hide their, rather, distasteful views on things.


  6. I believe the NCA are looking at Councillor activity as well as SYP. Will they revisit the victim who was “handed over” to the cops via Asbo ??? If not – why not?


  7. Sajid Bostan is the Vice President of rphda. Just shows how much of a joke this Pakistani community is. His brother Haq and Majid got jailed for stabbing somebody yet they end up getting a taxi badge. It’s a corrupt system! Since Saj married sabirs (mahroof hussain first cousin) sister, he became a bit of a leader. All of them are a bunch of hypocrites. Boycott Goldstar taxis and sabirs takeaway!!!


  8. Some one I know in the Asian community was telling me that they are mates with the guys in Eurocab. When are the people going to wake up and realise that these people will never change.
    Each and every one in the taxi business should have their pasts checked and suspended if there are any ill goings on past or present.
    A pay rise for the numpties in the council who got us into this mess in the first place no wonder the criminals are laughing to the bank.


  9. One wonders when the Labour Party will suspend Sajid and Majid? ‘Special Measures’ needed by the NEC before the lawyers get involved to challenge Labour’s unconstitutional behaviour!


  10. Unfortunately Rotherham people are too dumb to vote anyone other than labour. Nationally and locally labour has been a destruction. Anything you look at in labours campaign is sickening. Just look at immigration, treasury, wars without any benefit….employment, expenses. The current government may be rubbish but not as bad as labour. Why can’t anyone in Rotherham see this. So much love for labour both in white and Asian community. The only change I have noticed is within some educated young professionals who now see how bad labour is for this country (both white and asain). Everywhere else all i see is immense love for labour. Rotherham will never change unless people educate themselves on the facts and grow some balls.


    • “The only change I have noticed is within some educated young professionals who now see how bad labour is for this country” – so who are they voting for ?


  11. I know this scum bag he lives on my street – he is EVIL I have reported time and time again over past 10 years police do nothing claims benifites, works and is STILL working. He now gets out of his car with a gang – COWARD your worst kind of monster ps he’s sent his own wife and children away for safety!


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