All right for some?

New Rotherham Council managers in line for 25 per cent pay rises due to ‘negative publicity’

Rotherham Council’s new chief executive could be paid an extra £40,000 per year as a result of ‘negative publicity’ from the grooming scandal.

The council’s staffing committee has approved plans to potentially increase the salary for the position from its current £160,000 per year by up to 25 per cent to £200,000.

New senior managers could also receive almost £30,000 extra each on top of their existing salary level of £113,384.

New Rotherham Council managers in line for 25 per cent pay rises due to ‘negative publicity’

Rotherham Council’s new chief executive could be paid an extra £40,000 per year as a result of ‘negative publicity’ from the grooming scandal.


16 thoughts on “All right for some?

  1. It is a slap in the face to the people of Rotherham.

    If a council bring shame to a city, the city’s officer’s need more pay to want to take up posts that were previously held by ineffectual officers. The world’s gone mad. And the people of Rotherham should be seething.


  2. Looks to me as if the new Commissioners are no different to Stone, they could even be worse.

    We are worth it mentality still prevails, while Social Worker case loads are at dangerous levels.

    I must be missing something here, surely you reward individuals for having done a good job, not before, or is it me?

    Reading the Star article I fully expected a more robust stance from Caven Vines and UKIP, goes to show UKIP the toothless tigers!


  3. They should also reduce rent by 25% … and reduce council tax by 25% if that’s the case because the ‘negative publicity’ from the grooming scandal has made Rotherham a less desirable place to live … People should remember this when voting


  4. what I said in the meeting was I would not endorse any market supplement but if it was agreed by the majority to pay it it should only be paid as a performance based bonus after they have proved they can deliver the goods
    Very interesting that they did not report what the Ruling Labour Members at the meeting said now isn’t it That’s because they said very little


  5. More “compensation” for the “overlords”. Isnt that always the way? Their behavioral analyst must assume we all have, Stockholm syndrome.


  6. Phil Howe says that they can’t offer a performance related bonus as they don’t have such a system in place.

    If the Human Resources department want to put a system or procedure in place, they could quite easily do so but it seems to me that in this case they don’t want to.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if this bonus was eventually extended to ALL senior managers and not just new managers. I don’t suppose Mr Howe would be a beneficiary of such a bonus would he?

    Bit of a kick in the teeth for all the staff who have been made redundant or had a pay freeze.

    I Machin


    • This will be the same Phil Howe and his staff who when given absolute unequivocal documented evidence about the culture of bullying and sexism by me in 2008 responded with, ” the best thing you can do is get another job”. Disgusting, he should hang his head in shame.


  7. Current in post snouts in the trough senior officers will be looking forward to the pay increase, no doubt supported by their trade union to make an equal pay claim.

    Stella Manzie (Commissioner) should be ashamed of herself, she is no better than Stone, Smith and the rest of the old guard, lets see what she does about child rape in the town, from what I have seen very little so far, just platitudes and hot air.

    As for UKIP, I cannot understand why they are invisible on the issue of the pay increases.


  8. I was the only councillor to speak out against paying over the odds for executive officers
    And all you get is Labour supporter armchair Allen Sugars condemning me
    Damed if We do and Damed if we don’t
    Funny though I don’t recall seeing any of them at the meeting but they know. More than I do it would seam
    The Star reporter left half way through the meeting so he could only print half of what was said
    But their we go Labour supporters are all good Cherry pickers


    • At least someone is speaking up. Not everyone is damming you for doing so and the Labour supporters are becoming very quite of late.

      Keep it up Caven.


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