Labour missing in Dinnington?

It would appear that Labour has some plot a foot or they are cowards, they seem to have done a runner from parish politics.
Dinnington has only three long term Labour.
It would appear that McIver  the engine resigned from the Labour because they deselected Havenhand.
Look forward to the next five years working with people who really care about Dinnington and improving things.
Dave Smith

14 thoughts on “Labour missing in Dinnington?

      • Is it true that Amy Rushforth had the brass neck to stand again for Maltby Town Council? Surely the good people of Maltby should be asking her about what she knew and what she did about CSE whilst she was on the Children Services Scrutiny panel and in the cabinet.


  1. I was surprised to see that none of the labour councillors are standing again and I was happy to fight an election based on a new start for Anston Parish Council.

    Still, I look forward to working with my fellow Independent councillors in May and starting the process of putting Anston Parish Council back on track so that it works for the benefit of Anston people and not for the benefit of a political party.

    I Machin


    • Don’t bother. Just wind the thing up. Its a waste of money that achieves absolutely nothing of value. We don’t need a load of mediocrities sitting round discussing how many hanging baskets we need.


      • You may see yourself as being above the average person but I’m willing to put my own personal time and effort into helping to run the Parish Council, correct the mistakes of the past and therefore bring some benefit to the people of Anston.

        By suggesting its just about discussing hanging baskets shows you are unaware of what the Parish Council actually does. I can tell you Anston has some very good facilities that are used by a lot of people of all ages (I would even suggest that there are very few, if any, people in Anston who hasn’t at some stage sued the facilities). You seem to miss the point that someone has to manage them.

        To name just a few:
        The Parish Hall is used by a wide variety of organisations and groups such as Anston Male and Female Choirs, Dinnington and District Horticultural Society, Anston Womens Institute, Anston History Group, Pre School Playgroup and for private hire by anyone in the community.

        The PC provides a burial ground that services the needs of the people of Anston, several recreation grounds and play areas, allotments, green spaces and not forgetting Anston Stones Wood Site of Scientific Interest which is one of the finest Limestone woodlands in South Yorkshire and is enjoyed by thousands of people every year.

        These things don’t look after themselves, not even the hanging baskets! Please remember that unlike Borough councillors, parish councillors don’t get paid for giving up what can be a significant amount of their own free time for the benefit of the local community.

        The Parish Council is also a conduit for local people to raise their concerns about issues that matter to them. Yes, I accept that this hasn’t been the case for a while but hopefully with a new crop of councillors on the Parish Council this, along with accountability to the people they serve, will change for the better.

        Now I agree APC needs a better focus and I hope I can be part of that better focus but to say the Parish Council achieves absolutely nothing of value is incorrect.

        I Machin


  2. You have to ask the question why they have “jumped”. Did no one in Anston want to be associated with this bunch of bullies. We have now been left with a financial problem at the Parish. First the three Labour Cllrs, Burton, Beck, and Dalton voted at RMBC to stop the £31,000 a year grant the Parish gets each year. Then St John and Dalton forced through a 1.9% increase in the Parish Tax, backed by their cronies. (when inflation is at 0%) The Independents will now have to try and make savings to tidy up the mess they have left. This was no last minute decision, so they must have done this as deliberate act.
    They then have the B**ls to walk round Anston with Sir Nutkins bold as brass, handing out leaflets and asking for votes. No Shame,
    It just about sums up the Labour failed project in Anston for the last 20 odd years.


  3. Stuart, have they left you a note, “Sorry, there is no money left” just as the Labour government did at the end of their term in office at Westminster. Please make sure that the press fully publicise this so ALL the people of Anston know what these dishonest, corrupt individuals have done with their Parish.


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