Mr Moribund’s Leaflet

My son (who is a serving soldier and currently absent from his electoral address) received this leaflet from Mr Moribund. The leaflet has his full name on it as well as his address.

Now a couple of things come to mind here. Firstly, the Labour party must have lifted his name and address from the electoral roll and directly targeted him. Are they allowed to do this?

Secondly, why would they target just him and not me or anyone else in my household?

As for the leaflet itself, its just more (as Nicola Sturgeon put it so well) ‘fears and smears’ and smacks of desperation by again making up supposed proposals from the other parties that will be disastrous for the country.

As for the statement that the Labour party will “balance the books and reduce the deficit”, I just find it laughable that after 13 years of being in Government, carrying out massive amounts of borrowing and almost bankrupting the country, now they say they will balance the books.

Other than the die hard Labour supporters does anyone actually believe this rubbish?

The Badger

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5 thoughts on “Mr Moribund’s Leaflet

  1. They will have used the ‘marked register’ which shows who voted in the last election. You can buy a copy for any ward or constituency for about £50 per 1,000 voters I think. That is how big parties target possible voters and ensure their resources are better targeted. It doesn’t say who you voted for but does give a good list of active voters.


  2. Badger, I have been asking the same question as my wife has had the same leaflet but I have not , she has never voted labour and does not always vote yet I always vote in local and national and have not had one, mind you that is not a bad thing as I am fed up of getting stuff from Sarah champion


  3. My wife has just informed me that she has also received a post card from Sarah champion yet we have not yet received anything from any other party,mind you I suppose there is still time for that


  4. I had one worse than that, I received and email from Red Ed asking for a donation to the party. How insulting is that!!! I wouldn’t pee on him if he was on fire.


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