Man in a T shirt

It was a fine spring morning Mr Lewis had awoken feeling quite chipper. As he ate his three shredded wheat he thought I think I will have a stroll in the sunshine to Dinnington. As he walked along his thoughts turned to the election, he wondered what useless campaigning Sir Nutkin would be up to today.
Within a few minutes he was in the high street and he spied a group of people gathered; being the curious person that he is he decided to investigate. Much to his surprise and delight he saw it was Sir Nutkin; who had with him the garden gnome and an entourage of not fit for purpose clowns. Mr Lewis, not being one for shirking his duty, approached them.
Good morning Sir Nutkin, last time we met you did not have time to answer my questions, Sir Nutkin being a seasoned member of the animal farm was heard to utter that under used political phrase, ” oh Shit”. Mr Lewis asked could you tell me what you did with the half a million pounds you squirrelled away.
Before Mr Lewis could ask his other question Sir Nutkin morphed into Mr Plod; move along there Mr Lewis. Of course Mr Lewis, with his usual fortitude, refused. Once again Sir Nutkin said I have a secret number and I am not afraid to use it. Then as if by magic Gone For A, AKa councillor Burton, appeared in front of Mr Lewis, so he moved to the left she followed, he moved to the right she followed, he stepped back she followed.
By now a crowed had gathered believing that a flash mob had turned up so they readied themselves for the street dance. At this juncture Gone For A became some what nonplussed she told Mr Lewis in no uncertain terms ” I will phone the police you are invading my space”. Mr Lewis carried on with the street dancing; until Sir Nutkin, tail bristling, ordered his minions back to the cars.
Once again this proves that for Sir Nutkin and the not fit for purpose clowns Dinnington is a no go area. But it also has to be said that Mr Lewis’s ambition to become a political prisoner has once again been thwarted.
Dave Smith
The T shirt in question modeled for us by Mr Lewis himself, to order one yourself, please contact Dave Smith. They are £10 each and available with a range of slogans, I particularly like, I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees. Proceeds to Dave Smith’s campaign funds:

13 thoughts on “Man in a T shirt

    • Robin you always see the funny side.
      Do love the T’shirt tho.
      Still haven’t found out who Bill is, but like Jane said ” I’m sure Bill is a UKIP Supporter”.


  1. No robin hes just p—–g on the power hungry pedo affiliates that are more than willing to p— all over us. Well done that man!


  2. Mr ever ready Symonds to the rescue of the not fit for purpose cowards who dare not even stand for election in the parishes, wonder what excuse he will come up with when Sir Nutkin is sent packing to his holiday home. You need to lighten up mate.
    Dave Smith


    • Stalking! Don’t be daft! Sounds like you may be biased? Don’t you know there is an election on? This is about the only time Kevin has been out canvassing like this, ever! Being transparrent and all that. He has never done it before and seems to be put out by the fact that voters are turning away from him? Maybe Allen Cowles, will have the last laugh, in the end?


  3. Why does “gone for a Burton” think she has some right under the Law to harass members of the Public, who are going about their Lawful business. I think Sir Nutkins should be called in front of the Police in Rotherham and asked why his “Staff” are employing bully boy tactics against those who ask him questions.
    The Cassey report mentioned the culture of Bullying at RMBC, and so it continues.
    Why would Sir Nutkins want to be seen with Burton anyway, she was a senior advisor to the now disgraced Ex PCC, she is tainted with the same old Labour CSE issue.


      • Same as Champion going for Akhtar as 1st choice election agent…and the illiterate Littlebrain …..happy to associate with any Labour low life. It says a lot about Labour and the state of our politics.


  4. Robin Symonds
    I am assured that Mr Lewis did not get his feet wet, I assume he was carrying out his civic duty and helping the Council to water the wild flower plants


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