Champion Choice

Also featuring in Private Eye is this observation on Sarah Champion’s rather strange choice of Election Agent, Reg Littleboy, known to us as the ‘grinning goon’:

SC PE 15 Apr 2015


34 thoughts on “Champion Choice

  1. Oh, oh dearee dearee me!!

    I wonder, on a scale of 1 to 10, what Saint Sarah’s regret level is now?? – Er, that is, where 10 is near to total and utter despair.

    Also, what a delight that Licklelad is back in the Rotherham spotlight for all the right reasons. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bloke, er well, it could only have happened to a nicer bloke.


  2. Like I’ve said before, Ms Champion is well and truly aligned with and embedded in the Rotherham Labour party. That’s the same party which ran a council that has been declared inept and not fit for purpose and the same party that allowed the CSE scandal to happen.

    This is of course the same Ms Champion who claims to be fighting on behalf of the victims of CSE who not once has ever criticised the Labour run council’s part in allowing so many children to be abused.

    That’s the same Ms Champion who uses the victims of CSE as a major part of her campaign to get re-elected but yet is happy to use the same Labour party up to their necks in the CSE scandal to help with her campaign.

    To call it hypocrisy would be an understatement.


  3. A key to understanding the stonewall mentality of Labour is that the victims of child grooming Ms Champion is referring to and fighting for are perhaps her poor discovered, disgraced socialist colleagues, and the persecuted minority perpetrators, not the girls and their families,


    • I wonder why people are so surprised that Champion are resorted to type, anyone reading her numerous protestations of ignorance and innocence of any knowledge of the CSE scandal, which was so rampant within her constituency, would’ve realise that the woman was a chancer. The ones I feel so sorry for are the victims, whom she has cynical exploited to gain their confidence, by portraying herself as a friend and someone that she wanted to help. Only for all of this time she was in hoots with the people who cause their misery.

      I would call her a lowlife, but that would be insulting to people who really, through no fault of their own have hit upon bad luck, she knew exactly what she was doing.


      • Whatever else Champion may be accused of, I don’t see how she could have been aware of anything to do with Rotherham until she was elected in Nov 2012?

        Your starting point should properly be addressed to Sarah’s predessor, Denis MacShane, who has shed a little light but only a pitifully small amount so far.


      • Rothpol, Champion was not a political Virgin. She moved in Labour circles and you’re suggesting that CSE never crossed her radar? If that is the case we were blessed with a Trinity of MP’s who knew nothing, suspected nothing and were totally incurious. A plague on all their houses.


  4. But in 2013, she did a report with Bernado’s on CSE, in which she conviently along with Bernado’s forgot to mention the link with the Pakistani Grooming gangs. Didn’t Bernado’s advise Rotherham council about CSE in 2012/2013? Are you saying that nobody, casually mention to her that there was a problem with CSE in Rotherham?


  5. Remember her selection for the vacant seat, againist the wishes of the local party. Wasn’t Maroof the chosen one. Why was a political novice parachuted in. Was the Labour Party aware of the forthcoming scandal and decided to select a clean skin. Imagine if Maroof was the MP.


  6. The elephant in the room is the intellect of current and potential Rotherham Labour politicians, the very well paid officers ( who may well be in for a massive pay rise, thanks to the Commissioners and Unison) and the political correctness dogma of RMBC.

    Nothing has changed, the Commissioners spend our money like water flowing through a sieve, no more arrests, taxi companies being allowed to trade without impunity, no stop and inspect of Rotherham Taxi`s, fast food outlets no longer on the watch list and known hot spots no longer under covert surveillance.

    The light touch approach to CSE, or child rape and abuse to those who do not have a multi-thousand pound salary is back in town.

    Then add to the toxic cocktail we have Saint Sarah`s agent.

    Will the 1400 become the 2000?


  7. The evidence that Labour knew what was and is to come is the stampede by Labour Parish and Town councilors in our area to get away. I have been once again going around Dinnington leafleting no Labour window posters to be seen; not even the great Sinjin, who’s house is usually plastered with them doesn’t have one.
    Dave Smith


    • There keeping a low profile, like they did from 1997-2014, hoping againist hope that people will forget. Then they can sneak there way back in.


  8. She may not have known the scale of the atrocity inflicted on this towns children. A happy coincidence then that the common purpose graduate MP for the rotherham cartell got posted here just intime for the party. Female, white british, everything the other guy wasnt. Because, lets face it, he woulda gone down like a lead balloon. Then again, there are those that believe, the puppet masters arent clever enough to think that far ahead. They isolated children and families, broke them down psychologically, denied them justice, peace, denied them their basic instinct to protect their children and for their children to be protected, stigmatised thousands. This town is the true victim they could have blocked the casey report if they had wanted to, they chose not to.


    • I’ve met little boy many times he thinks Asians are not clever people an average asian is 5 times richer pays more tax and invests more in Rothetham than littleboy has done in 35 years


  9. I believe Ahtkar was her first agent, bad judgement, mistake number one
    Littleboy is now the agent, bad judgement, mistake number two.
    lack of judgement all round, she is clearly a liability


    • Mr Thornton,
      If you dig around on Rothpol (were I linked in the past to the relevent item on Ms Champion’s twitter feed), or on Ms Champion’s twitter feed it’self, you will find that she denies that Ahktar was ever her agent / driver /whatever.
      You are allowed to believe what you like – I’m just telling you that unless you can come up with some evidence for your “belief” , you are believing utter rubbish.


  10. The reality is that Sarah C walked unknowingly into a cesspit..Rik is right. Look at the dates of her selection process and At that time only a very small number of people realised the extent of the problem….she knew nothing of the problem when first she arrived. I note that now we have a lot of contributors with brilliant 20:20 hindsight and of course the usual kippers with an election to win. Only a small number, Rik among them, suspected the extent of Rotherham’s CSE issues.

    Sarah C has no choice other than to have an election agent, it is part of the rules of her party. The sad reality is that very few people within the local LP inspire respect, and Littletodger was always too thick and too flattered by small status to be other than a rather atypical Rotherham LP aparatchick.

    But don’t blame Sarah….she is stuck with a corrupt Labour group and an insistence by the national party that she works with them.


    • That’s all very credible, but don’t you think there are some within the Labour Party that just might have given her some forewarning, or did it suit them to conveniently look down at their shoe laces when it transpired that Licklelad was given the job of promoting her.


    • You judge the character of a person, by the company they keep. Akhtar, littleboy? Facts proir to her selection, Northfolk starting running his stories , predominantly about CSE in Rotherham. Surely an educated person would’ve ask questions whether these allegations had any substance or was it convienant to ignore them and then pretend ignorance afterwards. She didn’t seem to have any political experience , as a campaigner, union official or councillor before becoming a MP.

      Was the thought of a Pakistani MP, whose race was involved in the most heinous crimes againist children, white children at that, in a white area, even too much for the political correct Labour Party.


  11. Will she speak out about the pay increases for senior officers at RMBC?

    Will she speak out about the high level, risky caseloads of RMBC Social Workers?

    No, I am a Labour politician!


  12. Ms Champion, as I’ve stated on here before, has helped me personally with CSE throuhout. Unlike many on here who have done absolutely nothing in reality. She is good for the town – much better than the ‘liability’ that is MS Collins. MS Champion will win. I have no doubt at all.

    SKT xxxx


    • SKT. I respect your views and your posts on here and I ask this what that in mind.

      Regardless of Collins or any of the other candidates, are you comfortable with the fact that Champion is inextricably tied/linked to the same people who were involved in failing to deal with CSE and also failed the residents of Rotherham by operating a council not fit for purpose?


  13. From what I can make of the Labour Party Rulebook it is up to the local campaign group (which is decided by the Local Group i.e. the not fit for purpose Councillors) to run the campaigns. Does this mean they get to choose the election agent too? I don’t know, but if that is indeed the case there’s your answer – she didn’t choose Akhtar and then Littleboy, they did. And why not? They never wanted Sarah Champion, they still don’t. So, make her look a fool and lose her seat, then in five years one of the inept, corrupt, not fit for purpose councillors can step in. By that time we’ll all have forgotten about CSE and how they failed the town, won’t we?


    • Poppycock, bearing in mind the state of public feeling about Rotherham Labour Party concerning CSE and the running of the council , surely he would’ve been easy for Champion to convince the Labour Party to allow her to choose her own team. Even the village idiot could see that anyone connected to the local party is tarnished.


  14. The crimes being committed against children in Rotherham were well known before Saint Sarah was selected ,trawl back through postings on this very blog.

    Saint Sarah could have taken the time to undertake her own due diligence but failed to do so.

    Having Reg as your agent is an insult to the victims and their families.


  15. Dear I Machin,

    If you have have followed events on here and elsewhere regrading CSE in Rotherham you will be aware of my contribution and fight to expose it and seek justice for the victims – and not just in Rotherham. I have constantly challenged, questioned and ‘taken on’ Labour members involved, as well as the Chief Executive, Directors, Senior non elected managers / members and some in UKIP regarding events and issues that have arisen and caused me and ‘others’ great concern; to much personal cost and the loss of career. Much is still to come out and will. In fact although I have presented accepted and verified evidence to Inquiries and committees I do not intend to leave it there and have TBA meetings with several ‘officials’ and ‘individuals’ concerning events and the history surrounding them in the future. The fight, our fight and my fight goes on.

    However,regarding the thread and MS Champion I have personally found her to be most effective in the support she has offered willingly and without want of reward or publicity. She has steadfastly worked with the information I have provided and guided me where necessary quietly, impartially and professionally; challenging others where necessary and opening up avenues for me to seek justice where necessary in the most human of ways. Others have of course helped me too; my legal advisers, my Union, Rik and Ray especially. Each has done so with a genuine concern and kindness I cannot thank them enough for.

    When it comes to local council elections I will peruse who stands and decide who to vote for; that is open. Although personally I feel from what I see few of all the current elected members all of hues, have much to offer. Still time and perceptions change and I will see how they behave and operate.

    However, when it comes to the General Election, like many I know who have grave concerns with local councillors of all hues, I will be voting for MS Champion. For me (and them) she has worked hard and shown dedication to the issues Rotherham faces and deserves to be elected again. Furthermore, unlike some that simple shout from the sidelines and hurl personal abuse – especially on here – she has focused on the issues in hand.

    When voting I look for what the individual has to offer. Ms Champion I believe is by far the best MP, this my adopted town, has had since I moved here many years ago and has achieved more since 2012 than all the boroughs’ previous MP’s and councillors of all hues have put together. She works hard and gets results – her opponents on the the other hand simple shout, accuse and do nothing in reality.

    Has for Ms Collins, I have said it before and will say it again for UKIP she is liability. I have friends who voted UKIP in the last council and may do again, but not in the General Election. Ms Collins’s approach and lack of genuine concern, as well has her laziness in Brussels is a major turn off for them. Personally I can not argue with that.

    I have also found the reliance on ‘personalisation’ of some in UKIP regarding MS Champion to be counter productive. Those I know who may have voted UKIP have not viewed it kindly in the same way they have not viewed MS Collins reliance on shoutrage,slur and insult kindly too. As a result, in the General election at least, they have turned their voting intentions towards Ms Champion.

    Finally,I have contributed to RothPol for may years now; not a lot a lately considering my mother’s health and ‘situation’ to be honest (of which some are aware of) but I look forward to debating with you and others when time and ‘duty’ allows. You asked a fair question without insult – I gave a genuine answer without insult too. I just wish more did the same.

    SKT xxxx


    • Sally,

      I cannot argue or question most of what you have said, in particular, I understand your voting motives as I also vote for the INDIVIDUAL I feel will do the best for the country, my area and my family.

      For quite a while, I have followed your battles and your comments and have been impressed with the dignity you have fought those battles. Although nothing like your situation, I have fought enough of my own battles with RMBC to know that it is almost an impossible task.

      With regard to Champion, if she has been of assistance to you and that is one of the driving factors that helps you to decide who to vote for then fair enough. My point was how does it sit with you the fact she is so closely tied to those who have performed so badly and have treated not only children badly but also people like yourself? In fact, I wonder how it sits with her?

      The only point I have to disagree with is when you mention personalisation and the way Champion has been treated with regard to slurs and insults. To be frank, it is no different to the way other politicians perform and in this respect, Ms Champion is no different and has done her own fair share of throwing out slurs and insults mainly through her twitter feed.

      I send you and your mother my best wishes.



  16. The incoming government may well introduce the MP Recall system. If so, there could well be several local MPs of the list. Interestingly, ‘our Ed’ would be obliged to endorse the action that sacks his own MPs. Therefore, get your lists ready for May 13th !


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