Sarah Champion and the cesspit that is Rotherham

The reality is that Sarah Champion walked unknowingly into a cesspit.

Look at the dates of her selection process and at that time, only a very small number of people realised the extent of the problem….she knew nothing of the problem when first she arrived.

I note that now we have a lot of contributors with brilliant 20:20 hindsight and of course the usual kippers with an election to win. Only a small number, Rik among them, suspected the extent of Rotherham’s CSE issues.

Sarah Champion has no choice other than to have an election agent, it is part of the rules of her party and required by law.

The sad reality is that very few people within the local LP inspire respect, and Littletodger was always too thick and too flattered by small status to be other than a rather atypical Rotherham LP aparatchick.

But don’t blame Sarah….she is stuck with a corrupt Labour group and an insistence by the national party that she works with them.

An example of the problem Sarah is up against can be discerned from a glance at the leaflets of Labour local government candidates standing in the Wards, that make up the Rotherham Constituency. Not one mentions the CSE issue, the Alexis Jay Report, the Casey Report or the fact that Labour had run our Council into the ground and the Commissioners now run Rotherham!

‘The Rotherham Labour Party’ is still fundementally in denial of everything revealed! To run their campaigns without even aknowledging, the disaster Labour brought to our Town, is as outrageous, as it is self defeating.

Sarah’s campaign stands at variance then, to all those apparently standing for the same party at borough council level and seem distinctly unwilling to assist Sarah in her campaingning activity.

The simple answer is that the labour party is far from united, in the Rotherham Constituency and some report a growing realisation, on the part of the Biraderi, that a defeat of Sarah, would facillitate the selection of a Biraderist for 2020! Quite some problem, if the reports turn out to be true?

From a comment by Wuff with extra material added, Rik.

15 thoughts on “Sarah Champion and the cesspit that is Rotherham

  1. When you accept a position or job, you do it in the knowledge that people are being honest with you, unless they think you a fool, or worse you are an actual fool. Then you deserve everything you get. Surely the first question Champion should’ve ask was why I was selected for this town???


    • She wasn’t selected by members she was all but damn it imposed by Labour Party NEC. Hardly conducive to harmony and cooperation within the ranks


  2. Original grooming trial 2010.
    Times investigation published sep 2012
    Home office select committee criticism of police lack of action on widespread abuse Oct 2012
    Champion selected Nov 2012
    She has worked in senior position, responsible for care of children, in Rotherham since 2008. I fins it incredible to think she missed these reports, which yes did materialise before her selection.


  3. Regardless of whether she knew much about CSE in Rotherham before the scandal broke properly, the fact is that she knows about it now and uses it as part of her campaign to be re-elected.

    What is totally absent from her and her fellow Labour parliamentary candidates is that not one of them have so much as muttered a word about Rotherham Labour party members or Councillors part in the scandal.

    All 3 of them seem quite happy to use Rotherham Labour party to help them get elected by helping them canvas or push leaflets through doors or to be their agents but yet don’t condemn their role in what happened.


  4. “But don’t blame Sarah….she is stuck with a corrupt Labour group and an insistence by the national party that she works with them.”

    Is that a joke?

    Someone is forcing her to collaborate with the people who turned a blind eye to thousands of child-rapes? She doesn’t have a choice?


  5. Perhaps she was too busy to have any awareness of the grooming after her election as she was assiduously making a claim for the armistice day wreath.


  6. In Dinnington it as if Labour does not exist except for Sir Nutkin, so Sarah Champion is probably struggling as well to find people to help her campaign. You only have to look at the parishes to see how many of the Labour cowards have run away.
    Dave Smith


  7. I have been asking on Twitter for weeks why the people door knocking with her are from Sheffield and Nottingham she refuses to answer even Hoddinott isn’t helping when she won the seat they bused in loads of sheffield labour activists because it was a seat they dare not lose now it is coming home to roost


  8. Sarah Champion does have a choice of election agent. The Representation of the People Act makes the Candidate responsible for the appointment of Agent. If she does not appoint one she becomes her own Agent and likewise she can dismiss her Agent at any time with the same result. If there are questions about the current Agent then she should explain the reasons for her choice.


  9. Isn’t her election agent the Labour Councillor now retired, who was also on the South Yorkshire Police Authority until Shaun Wright was put in as PCC, he was also on the South Yorkshire Police Authority. Who were the others who should have been aware of the CSA in South Yorkshire?


  10. Let’s face it, Littleboy (aptly named) was a member of the higher echelons of RMBC along with Stone, Smith, Akhtar, Wright etc. collectively known as Rotherham Scum Labour. Why would ANYONE select one of these if they weren’t pressured into it. However, I agree with Anonymous, she doesn’t have to have an election agent.


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