Can’t be true, can it?

Rotherham Worker ‘Told To Give Girls To Abusers’

The ex-protection worker says she repeatedly raised concerns about men taking girls away but her boss told her to “let them go”.


15 thoughts on “Can’t be true, can it?

  1. I was about to eat supper but lost my appetite watching the video. If these managers are not prosecuted we have to launch private prosecutions. There must be a way to raise the money or recruit pro bono lawyers. We cannot let these people go unpunished. Perhaps the NCA will do it and it won’t be necessary but we should start preparing ourselves for the necessity. If anyone else has any ideas how we might proceed please contact me at


  2. If everyone in Rotherham and its environs gave a pound a week each week’s collection would raise enough for one prosecution on a rough estimate. I know it won’t happen but even if just 10% of us were willing we could launch another prosecution every two months or so.


  3. They treat whistle blowers appallingly.. Whether you work for the council or not. I note she said she felt worthless. I get that, they make you feel like that. Awful culture and there are still some managers without integrity within the council. My experience was shocking from whistle blowing in social care to the complaints system. We all stand together? Not yet we don’t. Remaining positive, we have to.. Have to remember there are more good people than……..


  4. Absolutely appalling; disgusting; I cannot believe the people who allowed girls to be abused; caused good care workers to lose their jobs; invented stories to cover up incompetence; will now sit around a table and seek to find strategies to tackle cse, people of Rotherham have got wake up; regardless of race religion and gender; mobilise; and send a clear message of rejection. These people have betrayed our great town; these politicians took the easy option and they are all responsible, as far as am concerned RMBC should be recruiting all new staff and the electorate needs kick out all local Councillors; that will be the start.


  5. Reblogged this on maltbyblogger and commented:
    Shocking report.
    How long are we going to leave it before we take action as suggested by Giles Humphry ? Private prosecutions must be brought as soon as possible against these “managers”.
    Offer your support by emailing and sharing to as many as possible- including those standing for election on May 7th


    • Thank you. Though in fact there’s no e in Humphry. I have a list of philanthropists who support children’s charities and shall be contacting them all. Also a lawyer friend who will try to recruit pro bono volunteers (sadly he is not a criminal lawyer). We know that in Rochdale it has already been announced no police will be charged despite clear evidence of misconduct in a public office and aiding and abetting. And some of our former Rotherham managers are in top jobs elsewhere, no sign even of suspension, let alone arrest. At best one or two scapegoats here will be hung out to dry. We must resolve to prosecute every one. Any citizen can bring an action against a public official. Not just survivors. I’m not giving up on the NCA but if they know we will act if they don’t we might spur them into action. It may take years but if we have to drag them out of their nursing homes in their declining years we must not hesitate. We must pursue them to their graves.

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    • That’s a brilliant idea! Thank you. I think it might be feasible if we split it into stages, though prosecutions are very expensive. But we could try to raise money for say x hours of time from a lawyer and proceed like that maybe. It mught need setting up an organisation to register as a charity and an escrow account but it could be feasible. I will investigate further. We would need to identify a target from information in the public domain and contact the relevant whistleblower. Of course there is the issue of how long to wait for the NCA as one would think they would be looking to pick at least one or two scapegoats. But we could start preparing a shadow prosecution just in case. Best idea I have heard yet in fact. Thanks again.


  6. Why don’t we just let the police get on with their job. It is now quite obvious from reading this that evidence of CSE was hidden from the police and that non-cooperation by RMBC was the mood of the day. I know you think the police were involved. IF they were and I say this with a very big IF, it was an extreme minority and the majority were kept in the dark. Let them investigate properly and thoroughly and prove to the people of South Yorkshire that they are not the corrupt organisation RMBC would have you think.


    • To take just one titbit from the wealth of information in the public domain a home office researcher was threatened by two senior SYP officers with being handed over to the rape gangs if she didn’t drop the gang rape issue over a decade ago. There is much more you can easily find out on this issue, not least through this blog. 42 SYP officers are under investigation for the cover up.


    • By the way SYP are advertising for a PR exec. You might wish to apply but you should think up some better lines. Maybe the old “yes it’s true but we have learnt our lessons” chestnut.


  7. Giles, as I said, if this is true, it is only an extreme minority of police officers involved, you can’t tar them all with the same brush. The vast majority of officers had and have absolutely no idea of what went off all those years ago. If your theory is correct, we may as well say that ALL people who vote labour are corrupt, dishonest scum just like RMBC Labour Group. NOT THE CASE!!
    By the way, I was an honest cop for 30 + years well before any of this blew up and served the people of South Yorkshire all that time to the best of my ability. What did you do??


    • I have the utmost respect for honest police officers. And boundless admiration for the whistle blowers. As for what I was doing. I had no inkling this was happening. I used to read of such atrocities abroad and think “thank God I was born in England where such atrocities could never happen!” Now we know that over 25 years tens of thousands were gang raped and kept as sex slaves and that over decades tens of thousands more were abused by institutional and VIP paedophile rings, all covered up by social workers, police, councillors, MI5 and 10 downing street. Not conspiracy theory, these facts aren’t even in dispute now. So you can see why people are not willing to sit back and trust as we used to.
      Of course we will wait till the NCA announce who will and won’t be prosecuted but if we get the answer the police have given in Rochdale, where the officers who are admitted to have let girls be raped will face no charges then we must do what we can to do the job the police refuse to do.
      My aim is to prepare the ground and put the authorities on notice that this is last chance saloon.


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