Party Manifesto Time

Quick links to all the Manifestos:

British National Party

Conservative Party

English Democrats

Green Party

Labour Party


Respect Party



Above links suppplied by RR.

5 thoughts on “Party Manifesto Time

      • The LIb-Dems !
        Wow, I had completely forgotten about them
        – but if you want to be ultra-completist, I’ll see what I can find, or maybe I could even write one if all else fails….


      • Lib Dem
        Start here:
        If you have Special Needs – then there are versions available for you.
        If you simply want the pdf, click on “The Complete Manifesto”.
        It opens a page with the address:
        “ ”
        remove the “?1429028133” suffix on the URL and you have the address of the pdf.

        Click to access Liberal_Democrat_General_Election_Manifesto_2015.pdf

        (I like what they’ve done! Concious aware of the needs for inclusiveness.
        PDFs can be designed to be accessible to people with visual disability , but it is seldom wholly successful – particularly when you are trying to build a “punchy document”. Better IMHO to offer a screen-reader friendly plain text version)
        But that doesn’t mean I’m gonna vote for them.


  1. Just received my UKIP leaflet Hellaby ward amazing what Richard Fleming is going to do if Elected for Maltby whole list of things but this ward covers Hellaby and a large area of Wickersley which he is going to do nothing dosent even acknowledge that they exist So he won’t represent all of us just the people in Maltby


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