Labour’s Entrist Infiltrators

I must say I find the Labour Party difficult to fathom? First they go in to full denial mode then they fail to mention it on election materials and now it seems, Labour are not even fielding their own candidates in three wards. I refer readers to:

Boston Castle – Saghir Alam and Taiba Yasseen

Rotherham East – Tajamal Khan

Rotherham West – Ian Jones

Four, perhaps reasonable candidates, you might at first think, until you are given the information, that they do not owe their political loyalty to the Labour Party, but to a shadowy group of Biraderists, which include Naz Ahmed, Jahangir Akhtar, Mahroof Hussain and Shaukat Ali!

No one who supports the Labour Party should be decieved by these interlopers, those above will, if elected, simply serve as apologists for criminality and criminals, who grow rich at our expense!

This cycle of Labour deceit can only be stopped by the voters and I very much hope these charlatans are roundly rejected at the polls, come May.

They are then, Labour’s Entrist Infiltrators!

Update: I have been reminded that Darren Jason Louis Hughes and his chum Dominic Beck are Akhtar men. Both are also standing this year, as discredited Labour Candidates. Dominic Beck and Darren Hughes look likely losers in two weeks?

16 thoughts on “Labour’s Entrist Infiltrators

  1. I hope the contributors to this web site aren’t just chatting amongst themselves hear and are actually getting this message across to as many people as possible and that on May the 8th we kick this Labour lot as far into touch as humanly possible.


    • We are definately getting to the voters, both the search terms used, the readership figures which are currently at record breaking numbers and the posts they are looking at. Any candidate, not putting their material on here, is seriously missing a trick!


    • What! I can’t ask the pseudonym of the OP originator? That’s mad! I could understand it if I were speculating as to his real identity.


      • I really don’t understand your problem Robin. Ideas and opinions are what matter, not who might have written them!
        My partner would like to know, if you devote as much time to looking after your members interests at work, as you do writing drivel on this blog?


  2. Racism really does trump child grooming in Rotherham. Labour set to storm to victory with over 50% (53.1) of the vote.

    A literal party before people. I’d move.


  3. Well I never! Just like the ‘old days’ Militant had to be expelled once rumbled and so should these four interlopers! Over to Labour, but don’t hold your breath?


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  5. This is a chance for ROTHERHAM people to get as coiuncvil that will not put party politics first, the sellout to a Tory government on the setting up of the Sheffield city region which was refusing to give money especially to Labour councillors beggars belief. And what consultation took place before ratification by this council NONE
    Then we have the councillors who are still unfit for purpose don’t forget Chrids Read was parachuted in, said a lot about ROTHERHAM labour party that no one was good enough to take the job on remember this when you vote on May 5th


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