6 thoughts on “Some Green shoots?

  1. “Obtaining sustainable funding for vital local services, like the Children’s Centre as government cuts bite harder” Will this funding be from private sources, from crowd funding or the Magic Money Tree?
    “Improving public transport links, especially in our more rural communities”
    An oxymoron from the Greens.
    If Paul Martin did his research he will discover the ‘bus companies regards Kiveton, Anston and Dinnington as ‘rural’ area and will not increase the number of buses or services so if he manages to get more money to improve the roads the number of cars will increase?
    From the Green’s Manifesto; ‘Transport to be equitably accessible to all people irrespective of their age, wealth or disability, with local needs given priority over travelling greater distances’
    ‘Alter funding of transport to the polluter pays principle, using charges and taxes on transport to support the development of sustainable methods of transport’.
    Is it seriously being suggested that people who travel from Kiveton/Wales/Anston and Dinnington who work in Sheffield, Rotherham ,Barnsley and Leeds (as examples) will be disadvantaged?.
    How will the Green Party make roads congestion-a major cause of pollution-disappear?
    Vehicle tax rates and fuel duties will rise dramatically if the Green’s have any say in our transport policies.
    We all want more and better housing, where are the Green’s going to build them?
    What are ‘sustainable jobs?’ Coppicing? Grass cutting? Producing Bio-Methane Home generators?
    Re-cycling used tyres? (Scratch that idea. It creates pollution)

    Back To The (18th Century) Future?


  2. Is this the same Paul Martin whom a leading Labour Councillor once accused of being a rabid right winger in a ward campaign (the very same!). Maybe the Labour geezer was scared of being challenged by someone with at least half a brain, some principles and a modicum of understanding about what a left-winger really stands for? That’s the only explanation really. Well, it turns out that Paul’s sympathies lie leftish greenish all along – so how wrong could that Labour geezer have been? Unless Paul has had a Damascus Road moment… All the best matey!


  3. Beck, the Labour “not fit for purpose” Candidate, who had to step down from the RMBC Cabinet post, or a decent hard working upstanding man with more experience. No contest
    Good luck Paul.


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  5. For people who want to send a message to Labour over the grooming gangs but aren’t up for UKIP then this is the place to go imo.


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