It will take more than a PR guru

Exclusive: Scandal-hit Rotherham Council hires £850-a-day PR man to improve image

SCANDAL-HIT Rotherham Council has hired an £850-a-day PR specialist to improve communications in the wake of a report into widespread child sexual exploitation, The Yorkshire Post can reveal.

Mark Fletcher-Brown has been paid £9,613.40 since he began working for the local authority in November last year, working 1.5 days a week until January, when it was increased to two.

My thanks for this from a spotter who ticked the no publicity box.

Now the BBC:

Rotherham Council pays Mark Fletcher-Brown £850 a day

A council heavily criticised for its handling of child sexual exploitation cases has hired a public relations consultant at £850 a day to “provide specialist communications support”.

A criminal investigation was launched after Rotherham council was found “not fit for purpose” over its handling of child sexual exploitation cases.

The council has paid PR specialist Mark Fletcher-Brown £9,613 since November.

An investigation found more than 1,400 children had been abused over 16 years.

The council’s entire cabinet resigned after it was found that the authority was still failing to protect vulnerable children from harm, and that a culture of bullying,

10 thoughts on “It will take more than a PR guru

  1. What a disgusting waste of money!!! At a time when Rotherham is cutting services this is totally senseless.
    Do we know what he has communicated to justify his significant charges so that we the people of Rotherham can assess if he is worth the money and contributing added value to solving the problem of child sexual exploitation and a dysfunctional council.
    I am also confused as to why a PR man is needed to put a positive spin on council actions when the council’s executive powers have been transferred to Commissioners.
    I do hope that the Commissioners terminate this contract asap now that it is in the public domain.


  2. PR consultant is not need, Just bring those responsible to trial,
    No police warnings or any more cover up’s.
    The officials who where in charge at the time also need to be charged and appear before the courts,
    And of course the abusers them selves.

    None of the original council from that time period should ever be allowed to stand for re-election.
    Then and only then will Rotherham start to look better, pretty words from a pr is going to do nothing


  3. If council officers and councillors don’t know how to communicate then what are they playing at? Telling the truth and answering questions in as straightforward a way as possible are good ways to start. Then use proper English with good grammar, correct spelling and all apostrophes in the right place. That will be £9,000 please!


  4. £850 a day? A bargain! Here’s £2,328 a day:

    An American millionaire flown to the UK and paid £50,000 a month to be temporary boss of Rotherham NHS Trust had a sprawling home in Texas.
    Michael Morgan was hired for £475,000 for only nine and a half months’ work as interim CEO. This sum would cover the salaries of at least 20 nurses.
    With an annual equivalent pay package of £621,000, he is believed to be the highest paid manager to have worked for the NHS last year.

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