Rotherham pattern of abuse now breaks surface in Doncaster

Rotherham pattern of abuse now breaks surface in Doncaster

“Doncaster Council and South Yorkshire Police are now working together introducing a taxi licensing scheme – 800 taxi drivers are being required to attend CSE awareness raising and training. All takeaways are to be visited to discuss the issues surrounding child sexual exploitation. It is planned to develop a training package for all those involved in working in such establishments.”

The MP for Doncaster North can hardly plead ignorance, this is no suprise whatsoever


26 thoughts on “Rotherham pattern of abuse now breaks surface in Doncaster

  1. So Jackie Wilson, former Rotherham manager, accused in the cover up here moves to become child protection boss in Doncaster and hey presto! CSE follows her there like a bad smell. Of course having “learnt her lessons” from Rotherham she will be found to have known nothing of this scandal either. Then we will be told she has “learnt her lessons” from Doncaster and move onwards and upwards. £90,000 a year she gets for this.


    • Unfortunate for Rotherham, they instigated an investigation, which ultimately exposed their failings. Haven’t learnt lessons, and we know it’s been going on in Doncaster as long as it going in in Rotherham. Same useless Police force too, do you really think that Doncaster would set up an Historical enquiry into CSE .


      • They have said they don’t need one! After all they have Jackie to advise them, now as a director of the Children’s Services Trust. She’s already moved on from assistant director of Children’s Services. Wonder what she’s on now. A venal time server like her wouldn’t swap jobs without a pay hike. £100,000 maybe.


    • I suppose to be fair to the woman Doncaster CSE will have long pre-dated her arrival; the enabling factors all being present – taxi drivers, takeaways, politically correct councillors and social workers, senior plods kow-towing to the graven image of “community cohesion”, bloc votes

      Still compared to the pressing issue of Lord Janner another continuing Rotherham is of but small import; it being taken as read that he is guilty of each and every one of the historic(30/40 years old) allegations against him, and that he must be rushed into the dock without regard to his fitness to plead as a matter of the highest public priority

      This is apparently the position taken by Labour Paedo-Finder Generals Danczuk and Tom Watson, and they are honest men, without a shred of ulterior motive of course

      So we can’t expect this to make waves in the national media when it is otherwise engaged, no doubt E Miliband will be relieved about that


      • The chances of one allegation of rape or CSE being false or mistaken are generally agreed to be 2-8% by various studies. The chances of 25 victims wrongly accusing one man. You do the math. The principle of “innocent till proven guilty” is routinely misused here. It means if you are chosen as a juror you must set aside previous conclusions and consider only the court evidence. It doesn’t mean you aren’t entitled to think Stalin guilty because he was never convicted. Many people (as recently as January and February) have been convicted despite dementia. Odds are Janner would not be locked up in a mental facility (the available remedy is such as case) as he would be judged no longer a risk but at least it would prevent his victims having to listen to the “presumption of innocence” being misinvoked.


      • To clarify, one can in fact also be jailed with dementia as various child abusers have been, though sentences will be shorter than they otherwise would be. There’s a lot online about this. Of course just a few weeks ago he was arguing he is fit enough to vote on our laws.


      • She worked for Doncaster before she went to Rotherham – Whoops she’s back in Doncaster!
        What goes around comes around it seems.


  2. It was guaranteed to be happening in Doncaster too – just like the other 20-40 towns like Rotherham the Labour party is covering up.

    If Ed Milliband looked into whether it was happening in his constituency after the Times broke the story in 2012 he should know all about it.


    • Here we come back to Barry Sheerman’s comments

      “MP Barry Sheerman, who chaired the Commons Children, Schools and Families Committee – now the Education Select Committee – between 2007 and 2010, said he felt “guilty” about the Rotherham abuse scandal.

      The Labour MP for Huddersfield said MPs were aware vulnerable children were being sexual exploited “up and down the country”.

      He said: “We knew about that, we didn’t do enough about it. Members of this house, many of us, knew what was going on.”


      It is less than plausible to suppose that this does not also apply to E Miliband, Doncaster North MP

      So in several weeks we could well be in a position whereby the Prime Minister of the country, newly summoned by Her Maj to assume weighty responsibilities,is in cold reality a morally defective opportunist who had turned an opportunistic blind eye to an epidemic of rape, trafficking and prostitution. for party advantage.

      On the Janner issue I am not taking a position as to his guilt, his associations, his apparent dementia or whether his case should be tried in absentia or not – what I am saying is that senior Labour figures are continuing to employ the most cynical and discreditable diversionary tactics which have served to blanket Rotherham et al in an a now apparently impenetrable historical abuse fog


    • You’ve hit the nail squarely on the head revsimcopev, these Pakistani child abusing gangs are devious and manipulating scum who should be hunted down and brought to justice at all cost.
      I can’t believe people in Rotherham are putting garden boards in their gardens and posters intheir windows pledging their support for Labour, it’s mind boggling.


    • I can’t believe that people need “Training” so that they know that cse is wrong …. and at what cost ? … and to whom ?…. Instead of “Training” anyone ,what about pursuing those perpetrators that obviously don’t know that it is wrong and bring them to justice . I have said this on here lots of times now … but why haven’t GANGS of predominantly muslim men been arrested ?.


      • Because SYP don’t want to. They have been given a mountain of evidence now. “it’s all so complex” they say. No it isn’t! They have the victim testimony. The DNA evidence is lost now (destroyed by SYP officers in many cases) so you believe the victims and arrest the men or not. One victim took a journalist round pointing out the men who raped her. Why won’t SYP go round town with the victims if they lack detail on addresses? They are still swaggering around in plain sight in many cases.
        Our only hope is the NCA. If that fails its naming and shaming or private prosecutions.


  3. Any newly elected councillor has to attend a seminar on CSE now I bet the same information given out in 2005 will not be forth coming. I hope if I get elected they don’t hold the vain hope that I will keep my gob shut.
    Dave Smith


  4. Questions about what might actually have been happening in Doncaster could quite properly be addresses to the Rt. Hon. Ed Miliband MP whose Doncaster North constituency is within the borough. What did he know and when?


    • That would take him right out of his comfort zone, he’d rather talk about Jimmy Savile

      “After waiting for David Cameron and Nick Clegg to demand Wright’s resignation, Miliband finally intervened 48 hours after the inept Wright had resigned the Labour whip. Talk about after the proverbial horse had bolted.

      It gets worse for Miliband. He then renewed his challenge for the Government to accelerate its “over-arching inquiry” into child abuse scandals, including the abuse committed by the disgraced Jimmy Savile.”


      • I was on the left when I first heard about some of this in the Times. I raised it with many lefties and it’s always “what about x” (x being the left wing issue of the day) or “it’s all made up by the Daily Mail” (even though it was the Times). Now the VIP abuse is the perfect distraction as it looks like they aren’t changing the suspect.


      • For me left always meant standing up for victims and the vulnerable but it seems nowadays you have to be the right kind of victim. Minorities are the left’s VIPs


  5. “Giles says:
    April 21, 2015 at 10:42 pm
    Because SYP don’t want to. They have been given a mountain of evidence now. “it’s all so complex” they say. No it isn’t! They have the victim testimony.”

    It’s a matter of factual observation that Rotherham and Sheffield and Doncaster and Rochdale aren’t even on the back burner as far as the media is concerned.

    But we know that the abuse continues

    The reason that SYP gets away with this is that they have political cover provided by manufactured media hype over ancient and dead Westminster politicos and celebrities.


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