The Bostan “bad brothers”

Sajid, Majid, Haq, Shanawaz and Arfan are the Bostan “bad brothers!”

The Bostan brothers, all of them, are a group of pompous idiots who roam the streets, living off some conceited image of “bad brothers.”

Sajid is Vice-Chairman of the Rotherham Private Hire Drivers Association (RPHDA) and is able to turn out an angry baying mob when called upon to ‘persuade’ the Council to change it’s mind.

Arfan, is highly involved with the British Muslim Youth (founder Muhbeen, nephew of Mahroof) so again using BMY to hide their, rather, distasteful views on things.

Would appreciate more information about the Bostan brothers who are at the heart of the taxi trade in Rotherham and two have recently been arrested as part of the historical abuse investigations being conducted by the National Crime Agency as operation Stovewood.

They have also had their Taxi Drivers licences revoked as a result.

Readers should all be aware they are all Labour Party members, at least at the moment, until The Labour has to act to rid itself of these members, who constitute ‘a party within a party’ and should be expelled for their disloyalty, if nothing else?

Sajid Bostan! The man who told me they had “fixed the Council, fixed the Police, fixed the Advertiser and fixed the local BBC!” IMG_6322

Sajid and Richard Butterworth. Readers may find enlightenment as to the Bostan’s favourite tactic: Mob Rule? and Sajid and Majid Bostan – mystery solved!

24 thoughts on “The Bostan “bad brothers”

  1. excellent piece and all very true, unfortunately. the bad brothers tag is all so true, they probably see it as “strength in numbers”. haq has already spent time in prison and arfan, despite a career as a solicitor, is part of a wellgate crew who have very distasteful views on things. yet him and his crew are all part of mubeens BMY and pretending to give off this “we’re all really are caring about the community” yet they helped to make it what it is today, in terms of the antisocial behaviour we see at times. also, they’ve done naff all community work in the preceding years and all of a sudden when there’s a microphone/tv crew present to make themselves famous, they rush around to BMY and live off their fame…yet where is their visible community presence when the cameras arent there..? oh right, no where to be seen. digressed here but rant over..


  2. This new organisation set up, British Muslim Youth had one gathering and that’s it. It was set up by a bunch of kids who wanted nothing more but publicity.


  3. I blame the Muslim community in Rotherham for allowing such individuals to have a say on their behalf. These individuals including Muslim Labour councillors only represent their own interests. I am a Muslim and I know this community lacks proper leadership …sincere, committed and uncompromising thoughts on how to move forward.

    We could certainly do without organisations like British Muslim Youth.


    • the problem is that its so easy to become a “community spokesperson”. i remember early days of bmy and they got on local radio and then took advantage of a big issue (cse) to make big publicity for themselves. no real inspection of muhbeen and what hes actually done to become anointed the spokesperson. nothing of note before this..yet good muslim people who work in the community get sidelined for media attention seeking people just to big themselves up and get pats on the back


  4. ^Yes ive seen it. just filled with all the same “lads” i.e. people who hang out and are close friends just tagging along for a quick selfie having done jack in voluntary work b4 bmy.. can’t remember them doing a litter pick agan and if so, not done it in areas where no-one knows them lol


  5. The problem with the bostan brothers is that they think being bully’s is everything, sajid bostans wife Khatoon has slept with half of the palaakis and the leftovers are left with saj, they are rotten people and a stain on society. Should be sentenced hard and put behind bars along time


    • The reason Sajid has never been to prison is that his brothers have always taken the blame for him. I know the police have arrested him on several occasions for assault, fraud, drugs and even rape but always theres no charge. The list is endless and i know this for a fact. I know theres more people out there that no the truth of what this family and their friends have done to people in rotherham. How they used girls on nights out for their own amusement. Lets hope justice is served once and for all so the victims can at least have some peace.


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