17 thoughts on “Kevin and Darren – a leaflet!

    • It sticks in my gullet to think I’ll be voting for SirKev, but compared with the others – at least he scores 1 out of 10 for experience.


      • Then why vote for him? The fact it sticks in your gullet but you’re still voting for him beggers believe.

        That’s why the Labour party in Rotherham have stayed in power for so long because sheep like you continue to vote for them and if that story is repeated it looks like we’ll be stuck with them again.

        Thanks RR


      • “he scores 1 out of 10 for experience.”
        He did not have any experience when he was first elected so what is your beef with voting for one of the other candidates?
        Or are you part of the sheople mentality?


      • Colin,
        what are the alternatives?
        1. A Tory whose main interest appears to be his branch of the Christian religion and its internal debate on same-sex relationships, who comes from somewhere in SW UK, and whose MP father Gary Streeter is a little bit odd:
        http://www.theguardian.com/science/the-lay-scientist/2012/mar/26/1 ,
        Last time I did vote tory – but I’m not going to vote for this one.
        2. A utterly hapless Ukip candidate (I might well have considered it with a better candidate).
        3. I have no interest in voting LibDem or English Democrat .


    • Sir Nutkin did not even raise an eyebrow when millionaire Shaun Woodward defected from the Tories to Labour in 1999 and nor did he say anything when Woodward was promoted to SoS for Northern Ireland (2007-2010)
      Sir Nutkin is only too happy to welcome anyone into the Labour party irrespective of any previous they might have.


  1. “We need a Labour Government working with a Labour Council if we are to build a future where our children and grand-children have a solid future.”

    Do they not see the irony in what they write? Rotherham has had a Labour Council since it was formed in 1974 and a Labour Government between 1997 and 2010 so will they clarify their definition of a “solid future” as enjoyed by all those young people who were the subject of the Jay and Casey reports?


      • Such as who at MP level?
        I disgree with UKIP on Climate change, Immigration, EU , Development aid. .
        The Tory is a self-declared euro-sceptic, as is probably the English Democrat.
        Voting anything other than Labour increases the likelihood of the Tories returning to power. I for one would like to get rid of non-dom tax status, and I don’t want to see Housing Association properties sold of.
        For Borough Councillor I may well vote UKIP, I really don’t want Darren. At Parish level it is uncontested.


  2. The only way to force the Labour party to face up to the reality of the grooming gangs is for the MPs in the towns where it’s happening to lose their seats.

    If Labour don’t start losing seats over it then it won’t stop.

    Simple as.


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