Question for Tajamal Khan

“listen to and stand up with residents wishers” , yes this guy needs to pay a visit to the mosque and tell his mates about renting houses out and turning  a blind eye , be a start? Cooker.

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If a reader has other questions for Tajamal Khan, please leave them as comments and I will try and get answers?

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19 thoughts on “Question for Tajamal Khan

  1. Tajamal would be grateful for your views on the Rotherham CSE scandal. Have you read the Jay and Casey reports? What are your conclusions on the way forward?


  2. I am sure you are aware of the issue of drugs in Eastwood and elsewhere, could you give me your views on how this scourge should be tackled?


  3. Have we got all the questions for Tajamal? It is my intention to email Tajamal, and ask for his answers, later on tonight. If there are more questions, please don’t delay.


  4. why no mention of mr khan address on his manifesto ? his work ? his connections with s ali and co and whats he going to do about all the pakistani cowboy landlords .


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