Appointment of Commissioners – A citizen inquires?

Had this from Rob Foulds and thought readers would be interested too.:

“I’ve been digging away recently regarding the appointment of our esteemed Commissars and it’s been confirmed to me that the posts were not advertised and these people were “nominated in exercise of the Secretary of State’s powers …”

And as regards securing ‘best value’ from the people who were nominated by the Secretary of State, er, well, they are accountable to the Secretary of State and their nomination can be withdrawn. So that’s all very satisfactory then.

Below is the link that was supplied by HMG that purports to explain the nominations and if readers can spot any critical appraisal of the nominees, please let us know.

The story started with Rob’s email, contents self explanatory:

Date: 18 February 2015 at 10:58

Subject: Rotherham MBC


Dear Mr Rowsell

As a long term critic of Rotherham MBC, particularly its thoroughly odious, even thuggish, member and management culture, I am of course very satisfied with the recent turn of events.
However, I am rather concerned about the appointment procedure for the Commissioners, which are referred to in the annex to your letter, 04 Feb 15, addressed to Ms Ormondroyd.
Could you therefore please advise how your department proposes to make these appointments – would the posts be advertised, or would the commissioners be appointed by the Secretary of State. If the latter, how would your department consider such an action ensured “best value”?
Yours sincerely

Robert Foulds

When Rob failed to obtain a response he pushed further with another email:

Date: 25 February 2015 at 14:43

Subject: Fwd: Rotherham MBC

Dear Mr Rowsell

Appointment of commissioners to take over the administration of Rotherham MBC

I wrote to you last week, see email, and I note that you have neither responded nor acknowledged receipt of my email.

As such, under the Freedom of Information Act and in relation to the heading above, will you please provide the answers to the following questions:

1) will the posts be advertised

2) will the posts be appointed, if so by whom

3) what are the qualifications and experience requirements for fulfilling the role of commissioner

4) what measures are in place that will ensure “best value” is obtained from these individual commissioners.

Yours sincerely

Robert Foulds

Still no response! Until Rob involved his MP John Healey that is, his involvement, produced the information referred to at the beginng of this story.

10 thoughts on “Appointment of Commissioners – A citizen inquires?

  1. I saw a tweeters questions on twitter re Julie Kenny It was 28th Feb 2015 to @MUTiser2 @rothpolitics @Julie_Kenny1 Commissioner four questions: 1) weren’t you chair of Rotherham Partnership Board 02-05? 2)….@MUTiser2 @rothpolitics @Julie_Kenny1 Commissioner four questions: …….2) Wasn’t this Board criticised by Casey report? 3)…….
    @MUTiser2 @rothpolitics @Julie_Kenny1 Commissioner four question: 3) do have a conflict of interest as this was critical time in Jay report?
    @MUTiser2 @rothpolitics @Julie_Kenny1 …..4) given your previous close association with RMBC & SYP can the public have confidence in you?

    Were the questions ever answered? Thanks. Sarah.


  2. I’ve jus watched the Webcast of the RMBC Overview and Scrutiny Management Board meeting which took place today and the appontment of the ‘PR Guru that has been brought in to “Improve the image of Rotherham” at a cost of £850 per day plus Vat and expenses was questioned by an opposition councillor, Apparently none of the Labour councillors knew anything about this and it was “answers on a post card ” time! Quite an interesting meeting with discussions on health and also crime with information from Chief Supt Jason Harwin . For some reason they have decided to promote Cllr Shabna Ahmed as being there in the attendance and speech information when it was Cllr Parker. Cllr Ahmed wasn’t even there!!!!


  3. I’ve just watched -Overview and Scrutiny Management Board – Not very much compassion by councillor domestic violence.. is there a law.? wasting time How can we stop it?. Perhaps the victim is hoping someone will help with out saying… council compassion.. just my opinion. Thankfully the police man stepped up.


  4. At a hustingsin maltby on the 24th kevin barron intimated he knew one of the commissioners personaly what is the point of themif we are trying to rid ourselves of a totally failed labour council when they are all chummy


    • Did he say which one of the Commissioners?
      People who know Kevin “personally” rather tend to dislike and distrust him.


  5. This could be just a rumour and I have not verified this but I was under the impression that Pickles took recommendations and advice from K Barron.
    As I said unverified and do not stand by this.


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