Some thoughts upon the elections

If all else fails, the ‘old fashioned’* ways still work.

I am grateful to our contributor, who supplied the information as a printed sheet and enclosed the couple of leaflets, they were referring to all sent by post. I have scanned them and publish them below.

Focus on Anston & Woodsetts

Focus on Dinnington

SM 25 Apr 2015RT 25 Apr 2015JM 25 Apr 2015

*A postal address is available for this purpose, please email me, Rik.

12 thoughts on “Some thoughts upon the elections

  1. You are right Havenhand did do sod all for our area except take the money. She was senior adviser to Shaun Wright whilst he was cabinet member for children and young people. Mallinder was in Dinnington yesterday sat at a pavement seat at one of our many cafes, she did not do anything must have been there to soak up the atmosphere. Or it could be she had not got the nerve to pass myself and Mr Lewis who were busy campaigning. Even the local Labour party don’t want her, she has been dumped on them, so she wont get much help here. But they know they could not run with Havenhand after all the pressure I have put on her about CSE.
    Dave Smith


  2. Whilst I can well understand Dave Smith’s view on Ms Havenhand, I’m not sure that the original posters statement that “Can you believe or trust these people, one looks like an ex-member of Z:Z.Top, the other like Mimi La Bonq (Allo Allo)” has any bearing on anything, particularly since the gentleman in question looks nothing like a member, past or present of ZZTop.
    It might have been better Rothpol if you had shown this page of his leaflet which gives some details on his background and thinking rather than hiding it away via a generic link.

    Current (or maybe past) members of ZZTop for comparison:


  3. Both of these candidates are a pair of deadbeats who are the best of a bad bunch the discredited Labour party could persuade to stand for election.
    Taylor says in his leaflet……..”Labour councillors have already begun to take steps to ensure that the failures in relation to CSE cannot be repeated”. The only steps Labour councillors have taken are big ones-away from the stench they created.
    Mallinder is not the fizziest drink in the ‘fridge.


      • Before you start hurling personal abuse at me on a public forum let me appraise you of a few facts; I am not ashamed of my attempt to get elected, my campaign served a useful purpose and that was to make sure Stonebridge lost his seat as a Borough councillor.
        Myself and other spirited residents have been instrumental in getting rid of the inept Labour party councillors who have dragged Anston down and as for “spending Saturday night spouting bile on here!” you need to get your facts right and pay a visit to Specsavers. I posted 1-repeat 1 comment yesterday.
        Your contribution to the world of local politics is what??
        Apart from daft comments on here..


  4. I think you’ll find that your post on April 25th at 11:03pm (Saturday night?) was the original mud slinging event so if you don’t like that form of debate on a public forum try I suggest you try another way. I wasn’t referring to the great sacrifice of 2008 or the practice run in 2007 but your noble effort in 2010 sir I salute you for your ongoing campaign to peddle negativity and destructive political discourse.


  5. Perhaps WAWAW could enlighten us as to what has some one not getting elected got to do with them having an opinion on the calibre of candidates in an election. Whether or not Colin failed to get elected at least he got out there and stood instead of hiding behind WAWAW and just being a keyboard warrior.
    Dave Smith


      • Yep WAWAW, “can’t be bothered” sums up your attitude, nicely. Shame that there are still some folks who have this view and “can’t be bothered” to question Labours continuing in denial approach and disgraceful response/lack of, to the whole situation.
        Or is it more a case of they know full well that their efforts to ‘carry on regardless’ aren’t going down well with the people of Rotherham ?


      • O go on then you’ve drawn me! The highlighting of Mr Tawn’s example of electoral engagement was to question the use of deadbeats in his original post. I just wanted to ascertain if he was basing his assessment on actual evidence of the candidates or just a pure blinkered bias? In my opinion he should have used an actual comparator, the easiest and most familiar to him being his own personal experience. I have nothing personal against Mr Tawn and have no desire to offend him, just his post is an empirical example of this sites content, it utilised rhetoric to basically ‘rubbish’ those who have in your words ‘got out there and stood’
        Your stance as far as I can see, like most on here, is to discredit everyone else in order to make you look a better alternative. Well if political commentators are to be believed the electorate find this negative, boring backbiting distasteful and childish. But whatever floats your boat I’d just like to see what candidates can do for me and the people of Rotherham and then perhaps the public wouldn’t be so apathetic towards politics. But I’m not hold my breath.

        A keyboard warrior with no desire to draw people’s attention, self promote or massage my own ego.


  6. Whatever, Labour cannot get a local from Dinnington to stand for them, this in an ex mining village with problems of deprivation but a lively sense of civic life. That says it all really… A party of the metropolitan elite now dancing to the market-economics tune, they care ***-all for the people left behind in Cameronian Britain and have not lifted a finger to protect the vulnerable. Dave Smith gets my vote: a “proper Labour” candidate.


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