There’s a smell in Rotherham and it won’t go away

A little birdy told me that Rotherham Labour party have written off this years borough election and will be going all out for the full council election next year when things have “quietened down and people have forgotten about all the fuss”.

It seems they still intend to worm their way into power when the whole council is re-elected next year.

That explains why the labour party have concentrated their efforts into supporting their Parliamentary candidates whilst putting so little effort into parish and borough candidates.

There’s a smell in Rotherham and it won’t go away.

4 thoughts on “There’s a smell in Rotherham and it won’t go away

  1. Deserting their posts.
    Not standing proud in innocence but showing their true colours of GUILT –
    only in it for the power over the people of Rotherham and money!!
    “But we didn’t know, but no one would listen, but no one would do anything, but it was the police”

    There should be a pay cut for all councillors –
    to pay for the mess Labour has caused to Rotherham.

    Rotherham the BUTT of all jokes for generations – now further disgraced by Labour control.
    A beautiful Ham on the Rother, turned into a quagmire of abuse and low hope.

    Labour voters are being lead by the blind – when will they see!

    This is Not a protest vote but a Protest for Change
    and a modern positive growth growth for people and business friendly Rother-Ham


  2. Judging by some posts on this blog, there is in my opinion a feeling of ‘we’ve got them (the Labour party) on the run’. Yes, a lot of this is name calling and what seems to be micky taking at the abysmal performance of some of the Labour failures and some of it may just be over confidence.

    I have hinted at this before, don’t think the battles for Rotherham are won yet. The Labour group members in Rotherham may be many things but one thing they are not is stupid. They are well aware of the axiom that ‘a week in politics is a long time’ and that the electorate have a very, very short memory.

    It seems to me they have thought about this carefully and have decided to keep their heads down, the lack of activity on their facebook page, website and other media confirms this. The fact that they have fielded what is a very poor group of new candidates for this years election and the lack of showing in some parishes which is a group decision rather than individual members making their own decisions, says to me they are biding their time until the storm has blown over.

    Don’t write them off too soon, their arrogance and expectation that only they deserve power should not be underestimated.


    • I agree the strategy is very clear – keep their heads down and wait – which shows they are still in a state of denial over what they did and have no intention of changing (as they won’t admit to themselves there is something needing to be changed).

      We need to hope enough people can see that Labour has turned itself into a politically correct cult and needs a massive shaking up.


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