Police and targets

Police ignored child sex abuse gangs to chase Labour targets for car theft: Whistleblower says money was directed away from protecting children in order to pursue ‘priority crimes’

  • Police were too busy chasing Labour crime targets to protect young girls
  • Whistleblower says money was diverted away to pursue ‘priority crimes’
  • Meeting targets on car crime linked to top officers’ pay in South Yorkshire
  • Girls suffered abuse at hands of sex gangs in Sheffield and Rotherham



7 thoughts on “Police and targets

  1. Performance targets linked to senior officers performance pay led inevitably to corrupt crime recording practice. Confirmation about what Tony Brookes claims to have occurred, is from a former Force Statistics Officer and Principal Intelligence Analyst, who for speaking truth to power back in 2010, got sacked. Had I been prepared to peddle government lies instead of standing firm and refusing to bear false witness, no doubt a pay-rise would have been in the offering.

    According to the former Chief Constable Meredydd Hughes, SYP did not have a culture of treating whistle-blowers badly, as stated under a sworn oath before Keith Vaz on 9th September 2014.


  2. The way crime statistics are recorded is dictated by the Home Office, not the police. They have to record crimes in the manner laid out by Home Office officials so don’t make it sound as though it is the police who are falsely recording crimes. Also, if the Home Office shouts jump, police forces have to ask “how high?” Labours fixation with statistics and performance figures not only ruined the police service but all the other emergency services including the NHS as well.
    Yes, Labour have a lot to answer for as a result of their disastrous term in power.


    • Sure these domestic burglary and car crime Public Service Agreement performance targets were brought in by a Labour Government and they proved dysfunctional, but I witnessed accounts of crime records being deliberately withheld from processing on the computer in order to ensure that a Senior District Commander received his year-end performance pay related bonuses. Administrative staff were being bought off to comply with the Senior Police Officer’s wishes. That corrupt practice breached Home Office counting rules regardless of targets and was a decision borne out of pure personal greed. I can name officers who knew about this activity and yet turned a blind eye to it.


      • Irrespective of performance targets, which do have benefits, as they identify number of crimes and types. Therefore the Police can direct resources more efficentently. The main function of the Police is to detect, disrupt, detain criminals and hopefully reduce crime or the fear of crime. The excuse that CSE wasn’t a priority was more to do with Polictical correctness as this was seen as a potential divisive issue to communtiy cohension.

        They got it wrong and have done more damage, not only to the community, but to themselves. Hopefully the up coming inquiry will expose everything and those guilty of misconduct in their duties, present and past, will be outed and Shamed.


  3. Anonymous, I have only one thing to say to you, “Institutional Racism”. Words which are totally untrue and have destroyed to police services of Great Britain.


    • Yup. The political class’ psychological inability to deal with politically incorrect crime created this situation where senior police just ignore it instead of having their career wrecked by the media.


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