6 thoughts on “Not a shred of denial left in Rotherham

  1. Thi.s should be an independent inquiry not left to government bodies which in the first place covered up the abuse .what is happening to the victims are they being helped


  2. Looks like the Labour party has managed to pull the wool over the Commissioners eyes then if the lead Commissioner feels there is no denial left in Rotherham.

    He needs to look a little more carefully at some of the Labour party election leaflets and the lack of mention of CSE and he would see there is no mention of it. He should ask each and every Labour Councillor if they deny the contents of the Casey and Jay reports and then measure the level of denial.

    I suspect its a case of keep quiet about it and it will go away. Haven’t we heard that before?


  3. They might think there is no more denial in RMBC because some of the councillors, such as Jane Havenhand, who had been senior adviser to Shaun Wright had been deselected yet allowed to say she was standing down; have gone. Don;t let us forget our new great deputy leader denied the Casey report represented the council he knew. So how anyone can reach the false conclusion that denial does not still exists I find frankly absurd.
    Dave Smith


  4. until the councillors who knew and said nothing are still there this council will deny black was white NONE of them that knew anything have been dismissed and does the council leader still work for his union


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