Co-option of parish councillors

The duplicity of the Labour party in Dinnington knows no bounds.

Labour councillors who did not stand for election have now put their names on the list of people who wish to be co-opted on to Dinnington Town council.

They did not have the guts to stand in an election, now they want to take the easy option of being co-opted on; hopefully they will be disappointed.

The cowardice of Labour in Rotherham is alive and well in Dinnington, this is not democracy it is a blatant attempt to circumvent the right of the people of Dinnington to have a say in who they want for their councillors.

The Town council chooses who they co-opt on, so nine people, instead of over 6,000 voters, will decide who they want to fill the six casual vacancies.

I never did have a very high opinion of the Labour councillors in Dinnington this has proved my instincts to be right.

Dave Smith

7 thoughts on “Co-option of parish councillors

  1. Wales have always practised this Dave !
    This time they have 2 wards – one ward is two candidates short the other is two over. One ward will have an election costing God know what when there were places free on the other ward. Had they have organised themselves properly they would have all got on (un-elected) with no cost to the parish.
    Doubtless after the election the two un-elected numpties will be co-opted on the council anyway!

    Ohhh my head does hurt!


  2. If they didn’t have the guts to get elected on they should never be allowed on through the back door hope u can put a stop to this they are not needed


  3. We had the same problem in Anston. No viable Labour candidates could be found and rather than be thrashed in the parish election Labour councillors did a runner.
    It is not surprising Labour candidates are thin on the ground when their party is lumbered with people like Dalton who re-writes history; Her Twitter page says ‘On 1 April 2013, the Tories introduced the Bedroom Tax. On 8 May 2015, Labour, if elected, will 100% scrap the Bedroom Tax’
    Labour introduced a similar restriction on Housing Benefit for tenants of private landlords (they called it Local Housing Allowance) in 2008 but then it was acceptable to for the government to “to provide an incentive for those on Housing Benefit to find cheaper accommodation.”
    Here we have a ‘not fit for purpose’ Labour drone ‘forgetting’ it was the incompetent Labour government that first introduced the so called ‘Bedroom Tax’ in 2008.
    One thing is certain; None of Labour’s nodding donkeys will be co-opted onto APC. I agree with Paul-Stand up and fight or bugger off.
    Labour party councillors chose the latter.


  4. What the Labour cowards don’t like is that the independents have the majority so they want to redress the balance. Problem for them is we don’t as a group want them, so goodbye McIver the engine go back to your engine shed.
    Dave Smith


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