Private Eye – Focus on Doncaster

Hot off the scanner comes the latest edition of Private Eye, which moves the Rotherham story on, to Doncaster:

PE RB 29 Apr 2015


7 thoughts on “Private Eye – Focus on Doncaster

  1. How many times are people going to be taken for fools, by these Councils. Every time we are told there was a thorough investigation , all be it external, it never turns out what it was. Basically we have a friendly law firm, handsomely paid, whose brief is to clear a culpable officer of any wrong doing in her previous employment.

    The most frightening thing is not only that this woman was responsible for what happen in Rotherham, but she’s probably doing the same in Doncaster. Only a Prof Jay and Casey enquiry will truly get to the bottom of this scandal in Doncaster.


  2. I find it even more worrying that Doncaster hired her while the commissioners were in.
    If the commissioners didn’t spot this, what guarantees are there that the ones currently in Rotherham are up to the job when one of them was also at Doncaster.


  3. How much more corruption will the public ignore? These people must still believe we are the ignorant public and cannot understand what they are doing. If we allow this to carry on and do nothing to clean up, we deserve everything they throw at us.
    Why didn’t the media (TV and newspapers) report the facts years before, they must have been contacted???
    Which journalists were contacted? Did they refuse to report the crimes or did their Editors stop the crimes being reported?

    The public must make a stand and demand the truth from all services. If we then get documented evidence of corruption, whoever is involved should be brought to justice retired or still working.

    South Yorkshire sex crime scandal must be properly investigated now and all the Top Police and Council Officers who ignored the facts and victims who reported this crime should be brought to book.
    They were all paid very well to serve and keep the public safe, and they seem to have ignored the facts and looked after the criminals, or were some of these Officers and media involved over the years????
    Who stopped the investigations into “Lord” Janner? Are they going to be investigated? Who else was involved???

    There are so many questions we need answers to. We must not let this be swept under the carpet now!!!


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