‘Saint’ Sarah? Or…..?

Spotted by Regular Reader. This appears to be somewhat overdoing it, in the process towards cannonisation of ‘Saint Sarah’?

From Red Magazine:

Sarah Champion MP: the quiet heroine changing our world

8 thoughts on “‘Saint’ Sarah? Or…..?

  1. “In retrospect Champion understands why she was treated as the enemy by councillors from her own party: they feared this nosy outsider woman would expose them.”

    That’s the closest she has got to actually criticising her Labour colleagues but in my eyes, all the good she has done is outweighed by the fact she is still relies on the support of the same people in Rotherham who covered up the scandal in the first place.


    • Please explain:
      1 What is “all the good she has done”
      2. What “support of the same people … ” does she still rely on? – I know she has Littleboy – I think his name is – as her election agent, but other than that ?
      (Btw – there are some inaccuracies in the article – did you stop them?)


  2. 1. She raised the profile of the abused children of Rotherham in parliament which is far more than her 2 fellow Rotherham MP’s did (they hid and have said nothing, not a murmur). However, she did spoil herself by being hypocritical by using the CSE issue to try to get herself re elected whilst criticising others (UKIP) of doing the same thing.

    She is a refreshing change to the usual same old same old Labour politicians in Rotherham and has at least stood up for people.

    2. As for support of the same people, you don’t know much about the the Labour party members in Rotherham do you? If Littleboy has given her his support, then by default others will HAVE to give their support (maybe not all of them but certainly some of them).

    If you were to speak to some Labour party members there are those who think the sun shines out of her nether regions and there are others who begrudge her. If you care to spend (waste) time looking through Reed and Hodinott’s twitter feeds you will see plenty of support for her.

    Besides, didn’t the great leader Stone say at the HofC that he and other senior members of the group supported her and gave her their support?


    • Hoddinott must think Sarah is certain to win if she can take time of to go door knocking in Halifax ! Read is running or spinning the whole show most people helping Sarah are from outside Rotherham


  3. Rothpol “Overdoing it ?”
    She has had huge and increasing amounts of positive national media exposure over the last 12 months or so – and she handles it well.
    I’ve been surprised at just how many people in London and the SE have positive feelings towards her. People who have no interest in who her election agent is.
    Red Mag must have had a good reasons for choosing her as a judge for their Women of the Year Awards – and the sponsor Clinique must have been on board. .


    • Let’s face it, anyone can look good after the tragedy of Rotherham, as long as you pretend your trying to help the victims. As for her election chances, well she hasn’t really got any creditable opposition. Jane Collins isn’t exactly Nicola Sturgen Capable of invigorating voters.


  4. It seems to me the Labour party are using her as a distraction from the dozens of Labour MPs in dozens of towns who did nothing after Ann Cryer first blew the whistle in 2004.


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