5 thoughts on “Doorstep politics – going to the dogs

  1. I don’t know what ‘thought’ this provoked in you but two come to my mind;
    a) jehovahs witnesses beliefs are even more deranged than I thought;
    b) what a waste of a newspaper column, as it tells us precisely nothing about anything important.


  2. I think what it tells us is Janice Turner has probably never experienced political campaigning anywhere north of Watford and she is not a dog owner.
    A wimpish article penned by a wimp.


  3. Her coming from Doncaster is that meant to be an excuse for the lazy writing in the article, or is it an insult to the people of Doncaster. It is not even satirical, nor can it be seen in anyway an explanation of the beliefs of the two candidates.
    Dave Smith


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