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Commissioner Kenny Interests Declaration

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Just been sent this interesting information about Commissioner Kenny. Thought readers would appeciate seeing this too: Or click here to download your own copy as a .pdf. Previously: Over on Tales from the Town Hall Advertisements

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A self inflicted wound?

UKIP’s Rotherham election campaign was beset with problems, right from the beginning. The problems started with the conference speech of Jane Collins. It is standard practice for political parties to have the speeches checked by lawyers before they are given. … Continue reading

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Over on Tales from the Town Hall

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A rather interesting story over on Tales From The Town Hall, kindly spotted for us. Click on image to read the story in full:

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Is UKIP in Rotherham a serious political party, or a one man band?

An anguished howl of protest from a UKIP voter, dismayed at the antics of UKIP in recent times. Left as a comment, but too good to miss: Having voted UKIP in the last election, I would like to stress I … Continue reading

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Opposition? What Opposition!

Originally posted on Rotherham Politics:
Little wonder that Rotherham Council is so poor – there’s a distinct lack of scrutiny or oversight provided by the so-called Tory opposition! There are 7 Tory Councillors on Rotherham Borough Council but what do…

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Labour’s problems one

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Labour has been thrown into turmoil by the election result and the need to chose a fresh leadership nationally? With Yvette Cooper and John Healey in the running, it won’t be long before they are being talked about, as the … Continue reading

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2015 post election re-alignment, first signs?

All political parties, that don’t perform as well as hoped, squabble afterwards. At the local level, this has manifested itself as infighting which has broken out and we now have a new Independent group consisting of Martyn Parker*, Clive Jepson** … Continue reading

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