Caven, whatsername and dangerous big gobs

I am easy going about Caven and whatsername’s begrudging apologies for legally unfounded accusations they made about the local MP, regarding their failures and knowledge of CSE. The court will sort out more fulsome apologies in the near future, and I hear that a little cash may also be removed from a pocket.

 I am less easy-going about their failure to apologise for their behaviour to the people of Rotherham and especially the victims of CSE.

The fact is they party politicised, as against politically analysed, CSE for what I can only imagine are purposes of increasing their vote. And in doing so appear to have made allegations that they cannot prove in court.

Shame on them. At a time when the Labour old guard, Police and some perpetrators are desperate to smear those demanding action on CSE what do they do? Give them evidence.

UKIP have gone CSE silly and giddy in the pre-election period, and I note several of them continuing unfair efforts to smear Sarah Champion. In doing so they add smoke, not light to efforts to bring perpetrators and their protectors to justice.

Yes, CSE is crucially important, and investigating CSE is far too important to be trusted to politicians.

It is time for to call an end to this attack by UKIP, whose incompetence makes them untrustworthy. For example…

Many have noted that Caven was on the Council way back at the time of the Risky Business report, and may have received a briefing on the extent of CSE. However, I am not calling for Cavens blood and fully accept that he probably just wasn’t listening at the time. But he was Labour then, I am certain that since then UKIP have washed out his ears?

Yet his acolytes still seem intent upon suggesting that Sarah Champion, who didn’t arrive here until late 2012 is somehow up to her armpits in complicity….rubbish.

I ask for UKIP to acknowledge privately, if too proud to say it publicly that they may have done damage to the cause of the victims, and keep their mouths shut on the issue for this year.

Mary B Josephs

14 thoughts on “Caven, whatsername and dangerous big gobs

      • Why is it a fair point? If she said nothing, you’d be the first to accuse her of trying to brush it under the carpet. Fact is (facts – remember those?), she has achieved some credibility because she has addressed CSE head on, and has done enough to win the confidence and support of many CSE survivors and their families. Or are they just gullible dupes of the Labour machine? However much you try and smear her by association, she is clearly an entirely different politician to the old guard like Baron and Stone. And will undoubtedly get elected because there is no one of her substance standing against her.


    • In the build up to an election you expect MPs to blow their own trumpet, in order to remind us all how wonderful they are and what a good job they do. It’s quite normal. There’s a big difference between speaking about what actions you have taken whilst in office (or what actions you would take if elected) and making unfounded accusations.


    • Just explain how you think Sarah Champion should tackle the issue of CSE. The other MPs have been roundly criticised on here for not mentioning it on their election leaflets. Champion does and it’s a political tool to gain votes. Presumably you don’t disapprove of the work she’s done in parliament or locally with the survivors? Should she not mention it and if so, how would she avoid the criticism that has been levelled at her 2 colleagues?


      • Of course it is a political tool to gain votes …. otherwise why mention it on an election leaflet … Ms Champion once said she thought it was disgusting that UKIP were trying to make CSE political ..trying to get elected off the back of the abuse that has happened in Rotherham….. and then does so herself … she is a HYPOCRITE … and Mr Symonds I can’t tell you how Ms Champion should tackle the issue of CSE… but why should she have the monopoly on dealing with it by telling other parties we don’t need them ?…why not work with all other parties to resolve the issue as people …. not as politicians .


    • She is however working for those votes. Note, she has gained additional finance to support victims, modified legislation to provide better protection for children, built a strong rapport with victimes, brought Brenardo’s in to look at the Councils’ CSE prevention systems and employed a CSE expert to provide specialist advice.

      She has been prepared to burn bridges with some of the Labour old guard, and has occasionally upset the Police by being outspoken.

      I realise it is difficult for the UKIP candidate to do anywhere near as much as a sitting MP, but Sarah has gone beyond the call of duty on this one, and the UKIP candidate hasn’t helped by wading in with both feet, and as stated earlier…generated more smoke than light.

      I feel I owe an apology to Caven, in being somewhat crude in my criticism earlier.

      Every none Labour person I know who has experience of Caven says he was and is a great ward councillor, and from what I have been told of him he would probably have got my vote, certainly in opposition to the Labour mob.

      But it I don’t believe UKIP is the answer…and Caven shouldn’t be throwing his weight behind such a poor parliamentary candidat.



  1. Mary B can I just point out that Caven Vines was previously an in Independent Councillor not Labour I don’t think he has ever been part of Labour.


  2. When it comes to UKIP and Child Sexual Exploitation they should remember the Casey report and what she said about them as an opposition. For those who don’t know she said they did not do enough to bring the Labour council to account, and before they do come on here bleating about only being ten against 50+; as a member of the public I asked more questions on this subject than they did. I don’t subscribe to the ” using it to score political points”, because my local borough councillors who did not want to answer my questions accused me of this; this difference between me and UKIP is I did my research and could prove what I was accusing the Labour councillors of.
    Dave Smith


  3. Dave I have a lot of respect for you and what you stand for but I am afraid if you do get elected as an independent councillor you are in for a big wake up call for what you can do and what influence you will have I stood for years and was once elected on the independent ticket and believe me Dave you have no clout at all and it is so very frustrating
    Asking questions is one thing getting things done or having influence is another
    But I wish you luck but keep up the good work


    • You’re much better with the backing of a party (until you need their support and you’re on your own eh Caven). I can’t believe they left you in the lurch without legal representation. I can’t imagine any other situation where that would happen. IMO if you made the comments in your capacity of UKIP group leader, then UKIP should provide legal representation. Their failure to do so speaks volumes as to the true nature of the Peoples Army! I think you’d be better off as an independent if you don’t mind me saying.


  4. Labour attacking Ukip *or anyone else* over CSE is a sick joke and just proves they haven’t any shame over what they did.


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