21 thoughts on “Rotherham Constituencey – BNP Candidate Leaflet

  1. One thing about the BNP – they never disappoint. Still, they should get some support as they only seem to have said what many on here say as well. Pity they’ll split the vote from la Collins and let Labour in!


      • It depends on the turnout, obviously.
        But at say a 30,000 turnout, I would have thought they would get 1000 or so votes. … and I recognise he doesn’t have the personal loyalty that Ms Guest would have had.
        Will it affect the outcome? – almost certainly not.
        I’d actually feel a very tiny pang of sympathy for Jane Collins if it did. but it is unlikely to come that close.


  2. I thought political parties were supposed to attack policies not personalities. The most disgraceful leaflet I have ever seen and I am not a Labour entrist.


    • Fair game , the Tories have been attacking Ed Millband. If your putting yourself up for election, representing the people, then they should know what you are really like.


  3. The irony is that the BNP candidate has a lifetime ban from teaching for verbally abusing 3 kids between 10 and 12 years of age and slashing their bike tyres.


    • True, but up in Rotherham we seldom/never see just what a bunch of clowns and comic singers the far left can bring to the table. In London you do.


  4. The photograph of a miner on the leaflet as an ex-miner I find insulting but what I find even more insulting that they are trying to say my Grandfather was a fascist. My Grandfather helped found the Labour party in Sheffield, he chaired the first health committee in Sheffield when the National Health Service was founded. The BNP is an affront to democratic politics in this country; they should not gain a single vote.
    Dave Smith


    • Sorry Dave but they are no more an affront to democratic politics in this country than Labour. We have had decades of undemocratic politics in Rotherham under the Labour dictatorship. A lot of people will vote for anyone other than Labour, just to get rid of them!


    • Only as busy as the number of idiots making libellous claims against their party members force them to be I’m sure.


  5. hopefully the BNP leaflet will shift a few Labour voters into punishing Labour over the tens of thousands of gang rapes that happened on their watch.


  6. I read this leaflet with disgust. So did my friends, family and neighbours of various political hues – and some not political at all. The reaction was the same as mine. The BNP are a vile loathsome organisation that belong in the wheelie bin (where the leaflets ended up) of history.

    To claim the BNP represented my grand parents (and parents) as it claims is an insult I take personally. My family fought against the likes of the fascist BNP and many lost lives doing so in many ways. (The regulars on here know my family heritage) Anyone who thinks this type of leaflet is acceptable, in my opinion, are below contempt.

    As for the claim that it was the BNP that stopped the bombing of Syria; this shows how much of a group of deranged fantasists they are. Thankfully they are simply a nasty little group with no influence on the vast majority of voters at all. In reality all the BNP can do is stop citizens shopping whenever they bus in their thugs in to town in their pathetic attempts to stir up hatred and trouble. Message to the BNP – go back to your telephone box and prepare for obliteration.

    I also saw the BNP spokesman on the Andrew Neil Politics Show; he was an idiot; but a dangerous idiot. Ranting throughout he claimed they should have been allowed a place on the TV leadership debates when in reality they have only 8 candidates nationally. He actually believed that. It says it all really about their misguided sense of influence or kudos.

    Whatever the result of the national (and regional elections) – where some will be happy and others not – the positive will be the likes of the BNP and Adam Walker will be cast aside and dumped. Yes, democracy needs discussion and debate – but the BNP and Walker have nothing to do with democracy – simply hate in its most loathsome and base form.



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