Birmingham and the Black Country bear “significant similarities” to Rotherham

Birmingham and the Black Country bear “significant similarities” to Rotherham

That’s a pretty major conurbation whatever way you look at it

Well that’s further shed loads of Labour politicians who clearly knew nothing, and who will have immediate recourse to Messrs Sue, Grabbit and Runne should anyone have the temerity to suggest otherwise.


13 thoughts on “Birmingham and the Black Country bear “significant similarities” to Rotherham

    • Thanks for that RR

      This additional info from the West Midlands just confirms how deep seated and extensive this horrific epidemic really is.

      The Report was, less redactions, put into the public domain as a result of an FOI application made by the Birmingham Mail, the information had to be dragged out WMP. The Mail, part of the Trinity Mirror stable, is left inclined, so it just shows how bad the situation is that they felt that they had to prize it out of an unwilling WMP.

      I just find the redactions grotesque


      A profile dating back to 2010 identifies that the majority of suspects and / or offenders are Asian (79 per cent) with a large
      proportion being of Pakistani heritage, and are likely to be from a Muslim faith background29. Subsequent profiles identify
      offenders as typically Asian of Pakistani heritage and aged from 17 to 40 years of age30, with an average age of XX31. 49
      per cent of offenders live in Birmingham, with 30 per cent of offenders living XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
      who have access to transport34 as well as groups of males. As no data was gathered from Local Authorities in relation to
      offenders/perpetrators there is a lack of information to make comparisons between the two datasets”

      page 15

      Birmingham City Council knew about this over 20 years ago, and they buried it

      “Yet when Dr Jesson presented her draft findings to a steering group, she was ordered to remove all reference linking ethnicity and the private hire trade.

      Incredibly, her full amended final report was never published. A meeting planned to discuss it was cancelled – and all copies were to be destroyed.”

      Sounds familiar?

      An aspect that I find intensely galling is the way historic Paedo-Finder General Tom Watson, the Black Country MP, is forever banging on about Westminster paedo rings circa Thatcher, but the grooming gangs operating in the here and now in the area he’s supposed to be representing don’t make it onto his radar screen.

      The play is so glaringly obvious, so sordid and so cynical.

      I wish people would begin to see through it


      • parsonage, thanks for the thanks – but it only took a minute to find.
        Good point about Tom Watson – has he made any statement on this?
        I can’t find one, but he is very busy nationally in the election campaign.


  1. After Rotherham, nothing surprises me about CSE and the main preptrators. The Taxi trade, The Pakistani community again covering up their shame of their men abusing and raping children. The Council denieing there was a problem and the totally useless Police. All those trying to defend this communtiy, must also bear responsibility for this national scandal.


  2. No one in their right mind can vote Labour. Let’s all get behind UKIP and just give them a chance to put common sence policies into action.


  3. I totally agree Rotherman but there are still plenty of Vote Labour placards about so there, proving there are plenty of diehards left……..I’m certainly not expecting a UKIP landslide. It amazes me to see so many Rotherham people still using Asian taxis. ….they obviously just don’t care!


    • Totaly agree Sickened, I’ve stopped using them, I now use a one man band white English taxi. There are still plenty out there if you look. I’ve got my UKIP board up, have you ?


  4. “A regular reader says:
    May 2, 2015 at 5:22 pm
    parsonage, thanks for the thanks – but it only took a minute to find.
    Good point about Tom Watson – has he made any statement on this?”

    Your search skills are much superior to mine RR

    Watson has made no comment on this issue whatsoever to the best of my knowledge. He has had plenty of time – this article was published in the Mail last October

    “A report to Sandwell Safeguarding Children Board (SSCB) last year drew on an official West Midlands Police ‘profile’ – an in-depth intelligence-based report on Child Sexual Exploitation which revealed how the Asian gangs were targeting white girls with on-street grooming.”

    And it must be the case that this grooming goes back many years, significant similarities with Rotherham indeed.


    • Tom Watson and his like are part of the problem. Surely a man, so aghast at children being abuse, would campaign againist all forms, except in this case he’s more concern about the electrol consquences of his Pakistani friends. There should be a full independent inquiry, like Rotherham had, in the Midlands CSE scandal.


  5. Whatever the original intent PC has become a cult where the worst possible crimes are covered up if the ethnicity of the perpetrators contradicts the PC narrative.

    And what’s more covering it up hugely magnifies the total number of victims in the same way not nicking bank robbers would lead to more bank robbers so the people who covered it up are *as* responsible as the perpetrators.


    • Its not just the PCs, it’s the Sergeants, the Superintendents, the Inspectors, etc. right up to the Chief Constables .


      • Let’s face it if the Council, more importantly their Social Services had done their jobs properly and not only identify the problem from the outset, but routed it out, then it wouldn’t be such a problem today. They choose to ignore it and made it worse, by some misguided notion of Politcical Correcteness and Multi-Culturalism theory , which at all costs defended the rights of a offending minority, at the costs of the majorities. In particular the safety of vulnerable children. If this perverted behaviour had been challenage from the beginning, perhaps these vile creatures would’ve been stopped from their degenerate conduct, even worse thinking it was normal.

        Birmingham, like Rotherham and other towns knew exactly what was going on. They not only choose to ignore the evidence, they even hid it. Those who allow this to happen and continue are just as guilty as the preptrators.

        As for the Police, the public no longer hold any respect for these clowns, along with the Councils, Social Services, Councillars, MP’s, CPS, Judicial system and the Governments. They are all tainted by association and cowardice. When scum protects scum, we have sewage.


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