20 thoughts on “Fighting talk!

    • It probably some silly little kids, messing about. Wonder what the response will be from SYP, will they divert resources from their gloriously successful CSE efforts?


  1. A shabby piece for the Times. Makes it sound as though Godfrey Bloom is married to a horse. He isn’t is he?


  2. Janice Turner the authoress of the piece is from Doncaster. Ms Turner is a dyed in the wool champagne socialist. She has a second home in leafy East Anglia and has privately educated her sons. She is happy to ‘earn’ money from deriding Doncaster but vowed on moving south to university that she would never return, and could never marry a Yorkshireman.


  3. Looks like robin Symonds and regular reader like being like schoolchildren by insulting people the biggest insult is the failure of RMBC to acknowledge their failure and still have candidates who are still unfit for purpose standing for election the PCC is so quiet I thought he had retired. Its about time we got the truth


    • I did not insult anyone in my comments above.
      In my first comment: I suggested that people compare the original press story – as it appeared in the Times( above) with was the Sheffield Star made of the Times story.
      In my second comment: I simply provided a link to Geoffrey Bloom’s wife.

      The only insults that I see in any of the comments is yours – unjustifiably aimed at Alan Billings.


  4. “A nice lady, but in the wrong party”- Jane Collins
    So if Marlene was still alive, would she have been an acceptable members of UKIP?
    For the victims of the holocaust and their families, I don’t think comments in the link are very “nice”.


  5. One of the sickest things about the whole PC cult is they justify their evil on the basis of being anti-racist and anti “far right” yet if they judged people equally by their definition of far right and racist the people they defend when they are non-white they would attack as far right and racist if they were white.


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