South Yorkshire Police nominated for award for ‘raising awareness’ of child sexual exploitation

South Yorkshire Police nominated for award for ‘raising awareness’ of child sexual exploitation

Nominations list here:

…and how they are getting on:

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12 thoughts on “South Yorkshire Police nominated for award for ‘raising awareness’ of child sexual exploitation

  1. “Look, we’ve started a campaign so people can spot the signs of child grooming”. It’s a pity SYP officers didn’t spot the signs, isn’t it? I can’t believe they’ve put themselves forward for this award. Yes that’s right, they nominated themselves. You’d have thought that, with all the negative publicity their own awards ceremony generated recently, the last thing they’d be doing was hunting another trophy so soon.

    We are a long way from having a Police force that the public has any confidence in. Perhaps SYP should spend a bit more time building bridges with the community it is supposed to serve and a bit less time patting themselves on the back? Because from where I’m standing, SYP has nothing to be proud of. In other words, less time chasing meaningless awards and more time chasing paedophiles.


  2. Counter Intelligence – Intelligence being the operative word – do they think people are stupid…!
    “Teacher! Teacher it wasn’t us – it was them!”


  3. When I first came across this story, my reaction was like all that of the comments above, but, … … the awards, if they get them, don’t go to the police, just to the PR team that they employ, and what a job they have, trying to make a silk purse out of a deaf sow’s ear.
    Sisyphus comes to mind.


  4. Create a problem then claim credit for solving it – magnificent strategy, also used by a local authority and political party since 1997.


  5. ignoring a problem for years until it’s so big everyone can see it is raising awareness in a way I guess but only if you’re living in a bad dream


  6. Unbelievable on so many levels. and this from the ‘force’ that also brought us Hillsborough and Orgreave. Rearrange the term “cloud living land in cuckoo land’ for my opinion.

    SKT xxxx


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