Organised Crime, Azad Kashmir* & Child Sexual Exploitation

Organised crime? The asnwer, or some of it is here.

Rotherham Politics

“The Police showed her a map of the north of England overlaid with various crime networks including ‘Drugs’, ‘Guns’, and ‘ Murder’… and told …we’re only putting resources into catching ‘the ring leaders’ …..if they’re caught, your local problem [CSE] will disappear – The Jay Report

“the appeal of organised sexual exploitation for Asian gangs had changed…. it had been for their personal gratification…. now it offered ‘career and financial opportunities to young Asian men ……”- The Heal Report

Speakers have been out and about defending the Kashmir/Mirpuri or trying to lay false trials to lead us away from something even more sinister.

That is, the organised structure of local and national pimping by gangs and the linkages into drugs, slavery, racketeer landlordism, fraudulent charities and weapons.

For example, Akhtar’s close relative Ash Hussain ,named as grooming at last 18 young girls is also accused of drug dealing. The newspaper…

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20 thoughts on “Organised Crime, Azad Kashmir* & Child Sexual Exploitation

  1. Has it not yet dawned that justice , restoration and healing of a Britain and return of confidence to it’s people is not possible under the current hopeless PC approach to crime and punishment (or should I say lack of punishment) in Britain.
    I was interested to hear Chris (still has his baby teeth) Read say at one council meeting that the old ways of dealing with the triumph of evil that has overtaken Rotherham and many part of Britain can’t be fixed with old ways of doing things…. Of course he didn’t give an alternative because he doesn’t have one….I’ve got news for the Chris ‘wet behind the ears’ Reads ; if the Political correct virus had not infected the whole of the present political system there wouldn’t be the CSE in the first place. The present system is nothing less than mercy to the criminal and punishment to the victims due to the silly ineffective notion of restorative justice.
    Britian may very well need to humble itself and look outside itself to places like Singapore. Once a third world criminal society and now a beautiful ,prosperous and safe country for its peaceful multicultural and religious communities to live respectfully together.


    • Right on Linda, but if Labour get returned on Thursday it’s just a case of same old PC. Can’t see what’s wrong with Ukip’s policy of copying the Swiss initiative and letting the people decide what punishment these evil people should receive, but the political elite won’t have it and while ever we are in the EU we can’t have a referendum on capital punishment.


  2. Let’s start with the basic facts, that adult men having any form of relationship with a minor whose not related to them is wrong, even worse a sexual one is a crime. That this improper relationship, through the innocence and immaturity of the vunerable child is then exploited, whereby this child is gang raped by several of these scum, including family members. This form of abuse is something which nobody has ever seen before. These victims are then made the commercial property of these vile creatures. Yet the signs are beginning to become visible, as early as 2001.

    By 2001, Social Services, Councils and even the government are aware something horrible is happening , but they wrongly classify it as child prostution. Yet the evidence is emerging that a particular group, our Pakistani friends are the main culprits. The methods range from using Taxis to hanging outside schools and care homes, yet none of the surpposed experts, including our once glorify Police force is picking up the links.

    Once the evidence starts building and some brave souls start coming out in public about this problem, they are vilify as troublemakers and spoiling our Polictical correct, Multicultural homarnious society. Even worse these misguided fools, even cover up this mess.

    The Police , who have independence from these clowns, even buy into this, although they main function in society is to protect the innocence, especially children. They even accused the victims of making lifestyle choices. Mix into this a clever and maulipating communtiy leaders, trying to defend the indefensible due to shame, and claiming it is racism and also reminding this currupt Polictical class of the lost votes which might accur if they don’t play ball. You then have the unthinkable people whose job it is to expose such evil and stop it, actually through their inaction giving the green light for literally tens maybe hundreds of thousands of children to be abused.

    When the shit finally hit the fan, to a person, Council, councillors, Labour Party, Police, Social Services, Children Commission, Government, the Pakistani community, all claim ignorance and shock. Even demeaning themselves by blaming others and looking for scapegoats. Whereas one small town was once thought of, to its internal shame as the centre of this scandal, it now emerging that this is country wide, especially where these Pakistani communtiy have residence.

    Let’s see if these failures of our past, will redeem themselves and actually not only detect, disrupt, arrest, prosecute and imprison these scumbags. Not only the abusers, but those who allow it to happen.


  3. Well said Linda, you are absolutely right. There is an alternative of course, we could refuse to allow this filth to continue living in Britain. Personally, I believe this is the best alternative and NO, before people start, I am not a member of the BNP or any such party, I believe in Britain being British and certainly old enough to remember this Country before these scum got a foot hold and started to hold us to ransom.


  4. Singapore took the bull by the horns and created a multicultural society through Lee Kwan Hu. When asked why they get on so well together this response was made by one of the older residents “If you had been occupied by the Japanese during the second world war you would get on together” not that I am advocating occupation by the Japanese to sort out this country. Singapore is very much like a Police State with a very low crime rate.


    • The only people in Singapore afraid of the police are criminals. That is a right and effective deterrent…. It’s a kind of “Don’t even think about it” approach to prospective criminal activity… Rotherham’s crims were definitely Not afraid of the police; rather the police appear to have been their allies. Lee Kwan Yew initiated punishments than fit the crimes. One thing is clear in Singapore today, everyone knows the rules and what happens if you break them…. Contrary to the PC brigade in Britain it means that ordinary law abiding citizens can get on with living without fear.


  5. Hi R Wilde, How clever are some media to very deliberately pervert the truth…They can only fool people who have no personal experience though… The prohibition signs illustrated in the guardian are of course not for everyday living in Singapore but rather under certain situations ie, On certain wooden public floors (in Britain) ladies asked not to wear stilletoes for obvious reasons. I wouldn’t call that draconian though some young people might …
    Bikes are ridden everywhere in Singapore.
    You ask are the people afraid of the government in Singapore ; having family live there I can answer a definite no , unless of course you are a criminal. Drug dealers definately not welcome there and do so with the full knowledge that if caught it may cost them their lives…
    The question needs to be asked would the general population feel more afraid of a government in control of law and order for all it’s citizens whatever race or creed or a government that were unable govern for the safety of all…. I know what I would be more afraid of. ie The local government of Rotherham scares the h… out of me .. Obviously a safe haven for perverts who have for over a decade had free reign to corrupt and torture Rotherham’s children.
    Singapore is a very small island of only 276sq miles with a population of five and a half million people. It is multicultural, multi racial where Christians, Jews, Moslems, Hindus Agnostics and Atheists live very close together in a densely populated island. There is one rule though that no doubt some free spirited individuals may find hard to swallow and that is the Singapore government forbid public insulting of a person on account of race, or religion . However they are not afraid to call crime what it is and there is a swift and effective response to it. I think perhaps most British people could live happily with that. Problem is though is there anyone in Britain with the stature and resolve of the late Mr Lee Kwan Yew.


  6. Ms Lynda Walker,
    this blog often contains comments that could be considered as “public insulting of a person on account of race, or religion”, could it continue to exist in Singapore?


    • I knew it was coming and I wondered why it had taken so long for my Nemesis to take to the keyboard. I suppose his reference to Ms Lynda Walker was really meant for me Mrs Linda Wheeler. RR being so pedantic with others must now cringe at such an obvious mistake on his part. That’s what happens when one is foaming at the mouth because someone has the gall to suggest there may be another way of doing things.
      But to answer his question which is of course relevant to the discussion. The criminals of Rotherham would NOT be walking the streets in Singapore whatever their race or religion is. Swift and effective justice means law biding people can get on with enjoying life free of fear. It would not take 20 years wondering what to do with them because it’s the crime that is dealt with NOT the race. 20 days would probably have brought about the solution for their monstrous crimes.
      I get the feeling that some dyed in the wool Socialists believe there own lies that they alone can make it better world in spite of the overwhelming evidence which is .. they can’t
      There is only one perfect habitation and it’s not in the here and now but Mr Lee Kwan Yew did what needs to be done to rid his Island of corruption and the wonderful effects of it are all around for people with eyes to see.


      • PS… I forgot to say RR that there would simply be no need for a blog like rothpol because the weed would have been destroyed at the root.


  7. Linda. I would like to say there are many ways of doing things better. Perhaps a country larger than the city state of Singapore can learn somethings from there but to try to impose a system from one continent and culture seems to fail every time it has ever been tried. I was in Singapore during the Confrontation. I loved it there. It did not love it for being the same as my home but for being totally different.
    Our country expects there to be opposition to government and we have a long tradition of lampooning and satirising those who are currently temporarily trying to govern us. We were the first country to my knowledge that instituted the office of Leader of the Opposition. We follow traditions from the time of John Locke and although we know Kung Fu Tzu most of us do not follow that tradition of thought. We had an English Lee Kwan Yew in the form of King Charles the first and we chopped his head off.
    As a gardener I know that not all plants will transplant into an alternative ecosystem.
    Oh, and we are slow to turn but when we do we can be obdurate.


    • Hi Poet morgan.. Thanks for your reply. I must agree with you that transporting a system from one continent and culture is very very difficult. However Britain now has a foreign culture already in the process imposing it’s own and alien system on Britain with alarming success. It has the determination that British people once had and now lost ..Singapore system in dealing with crime and punishment is not really so foreign to Britain…
      I was born and raised in England when punishment fitted crime and our parents were not chewing their nails each time we left the house. Perhaps that is why someone like me is able to see the terrible monstrous decline that has lead to what was once unthinkable. If British people value more their present way of doing things, well … it will be more of the same and business as usual for those who can break the law with impunity…. Take your pick.
      I can say though with certainty if you were to talk to the victims of this horror that has swept it’s way across Britain …I have no doubt which system they would choose…And they do have a say ….. don’t they. I hope so, otherwise Britain is well and truly lost and will lose more and more of it’s identity until it is no longer GREAT BRITAIN.


    • John I only know BNP through some of the video content in youtube. Though I have sympathy with what BNP are trying to achieve, I witness something that looked more like Nazi Germany’s dealing with innocent Jews. The changes needed are sadly not resolved by this kind of response… As for me I would be knocking on Mr Camerons and the oppositions door and making myself a nuisance. I do believe though John that political impotence on important issues has in fact created themselves a BNP party…I have to say John I wouldn’t be a part of the BNP for that very reason… Though the principles may be honourable it has the potential to draw thugs to it’s ranks.


      • PS John…. I am trying to educate myself more on the BNP before I would make further comment… The video I speak of was a group of men which I believe were the BNP intimidating an old muslin man who was doing his best to comply with the removal of a poster. There was definitely an overkill on the part of men in the video and I would have felt more sympathy for BNP had they been given the ‘boot’ so to speak and a public dishonourable discharge…. Had my son or grandson been part of group then I am afraid they would have faced my wrath on turning up for dinner…….. which appears to terrify them more than a WW3. cheers John


  8. Apart from pressure from the political establishment to cover it up another way to get the police to back off from the grooming gangs could have been the use of allegations of racial harassment against investigating officers. I’d expect organized crime in particular would consider this a very useful tactic.


  9. Once they knew the police were going to turn a blind eye to the gang rape and forced prostitution of children as long as the people doing it were protected by PC it seems extremely unlikely to me that organised crime wouldn’t get involved as it’s free money to them. They can groom and pimp as many children as they like with no fear of any consequences.

    If correct that might explain how the hundreds of victims a year back in 1997 exploded into the thousands of victims a year in 2014.


  10. You are quite right bubble, on race issues, the whole of the British police service have been branded “Institutionally Racist” since the publication of the “Lawrence Enquiry” into the actions of the Met Police. An enquiry which, in itself was racist because it only listened to the views of the Lawrence family when it was they who caused the problem by passing ALL police enquiry information on to the press. When it came to the trial of the alleged culprits, it was “impossible for them to have a fair trial”. The words of the Trial Judge, not mine because of the amount of publicity and information given out publicly prior to the trial.
    The Asian community in particular have used the race card far too often and in most cases quite dishonestly to benefit their cause and allow themselves to flout our laws. They still do!!


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