Updated – Detailed Rotherham Election Coverage

As requested, quick links to our detailed election coverage:

The General Election:

Rother Valley Constituency
Rotherham Constituency
Wentworth & Dearne Constituency

The Borough Council Elections:

Anston and Woodsetts
Boston Castle
Brinsworth and Catcliffe
Rother Vale
Rotherham East
Rotherham West

Parish Council Elections:

Parish Council

Your election materials not posted? Send .jpg files to Rothpol Rik.

7 thoughts on “Updated – Detailed Rotherham Election Coverage

  1. Not long now until polling day. Everyone who wants change needs to think long and hard as to how that might best be achieved. Some of us will have to put aside our long-held beliefs and put our crosses against the candidates most likely to remove the Labour incumbents. Voting for candidates with no hope of winning will simply let Labour slip through the middle relying on its bedrock support.


  2. Keeping out the Tories nationally to protect the NHS , avoiding £12 billion of cuts that will hurt ordinary people on modest incomes, although local resentment wants to understandably punish local politicians the real enemy remains the Tories that is the big picture


    • Throughout the time that the events detailed in the Jay and Casey reports were happening, Rotherham had a Labour controlled Council, Labour MPs and South Yorkshire Police Authority was filled with Labour politicians. Furthermore, from 1997 to 2010 there was a Labour Home Secretary. It is therefore difficult to see why the tories are the real enemy when so much of the misery visited on Rotherham has happened when all the power was held by Labour. Maybe the time has come to compare the experience of people in South Yorkshire with that of their counterparts in Conservative areas.


  3. The Labour Home Secretary at that time was unaware of the abuse being denied in Rotherham,local labour politicians and South Yorkshire Police were to blame for failing to address concerns. Meanwhile at Hillsborough and throughout the Miners Strike in the 1980s the Met lied and abused out trust under Mrs Thatcher who in turn protected Leon Briton and Cyril Smith from sexual abuse allegations , so please don’t pretend that the Conservatives are a party holding the moral higher ground , coming back to today lets fight against attacks on vulnerable people via the bedroom tax and inequality,and protect the NHS from gradual privatisation,


  4. ‘and protect the NHS from gradual privatisation’
    That would be the massive increase in PFI deals under Labour you refer to?


  5. The Tory stint in the Thatcher / Major and Cameron years have all ended with massive waiting lists which were drastically lower under Labour, would you admit and give credit for that ?
    PFI contracts are an expensive legacy but badly needed Hospitals were needed urgently after
    18 years of neglect, this coalition persued a top down reorganisation costing 2.5 billion which eased the way for future privatisation, Labour created the NHS and the welfare state under strong
    opposition from the conservative opposition who have no present or historical credibility of compassion for people less fortunate,hence for one example ” The bedroom tax ” not to mention the privatisation of utilities whose profits are crippling millions,


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