A Fresh Start? Or Labour’s Cynicism?

Labour’s cynicism? What do readers think?

Image taken from the Advertiser of 18th April 2015:

Avd 3 May 2015


19 thoughts on “A Fresh Start? Or Labour’s Cynicism?

  1. There will be no change whilst they have the ‘Cabinet system’ – power will still be in the hands of a few and subject to patronage!


  2. Got to say they’ve got balls, then again they treating their voters as sheep and will believe anything they tell them. If these lot get back in, it will say everything about Rotherham and perhaps they deserve what they get.


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  4. Ukip were criticized by the national media for not having enough non-white faces on their literature and yet in the areas where Labour know there’s been thousands of victims of the grooming gangs their leaflets and posters (at least the ones I’ve seen) seem to have gone almost 100% white instead of the usual multicultural version.


    • Remember in the Political Correct, Multi-Cultralism world Labour lives in, we are all colourless, region less and forgiven for any crimes we may Committ, as long as we have communtiy cohension.


  5. Frankly I would find it more believable if they were honest enough to say “Change will take blood sweat and tears ” but no. Mr Chris (still cutting his baby teeth) Read has a bit too much self confidence to see the size of the job requires more than I heard him say at a council meeting… My silent response at the time was in the immortal words of Jim Royle… My a…!


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