Bostan Castle?

Saghir Alam and Taiba Yasseen were selected to fight the Boston Castle Ward.

Boston Castle Ward, the former stomping ground of Mahroof Hussain, managed to select this father and daughter pairing, with more than a little support from ‘the Bostan Bad Brothers’.

The problem for Labour is their allegiance, is not to the party, but to the biraderi. They should not therefore, be characterised as Labour Candidates, even though flying under their colours!

The second problem is the source of much of Saghir and Taiba’s support, the Bostans, are becoming embroiled in the criminality associated with Rotherham’s CSE scandal. Sajid and Majid were arrested first and now, news of the third Bostan Brother to be arrested is filtering out!

Rotherham Labour have learned nothing, it would appear?

Those who want more of the same, just vote for these two anyway.

Those who want change, the ‘anyone but labour candidate’, might be the best choice? Especially in Bostan Castle!

7 thoughts on “Bostan Castle?

  1. The Rotherham Labour party needs fresh blood in it for a complete root and branch clear-out. Until then we all need to take responsibility for our town by going out and voting on Thursday. If you don’t vote then you will have let us all down


  2. same should apply to rotherham east ward anything but labour the bulk of labour poster around town centre are in pakistani owned house’s .


  3. Yesterday evening around 9 a black Bmw has been seeing driving around with Saghir Alam and few other Pakistanis targeting the bradism vote in mortgage area surely you can’t pressurise people to vote at that time of night


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