Those Akhtar ‘clones’ ready and waiting?

The most obvious of the Akhtar ‘clones’ was made clear in the person of Jones, the victor of the selection for the Rotherham West Ward.

The selection battle started with the declaration by Jahangir Akhtar, ‘he would choose the candidate’! Which he duly did, assisted in this by one of Akhtar’s acolytes, Darren Hughes Rother Vale, who ran the selections.

The candidate that emerged, Ian Jones, is said to be, either a proxy for Akhtar, or simply keeping the seat warm for him. This later purpose, would allow a speedy return to the Council, of Jahangir Akhtar. Once he has his Party Card returned that is!

The third of our Akhtar acolytes is Dominic Beck Wales Ward, who seemed incapable of thought, once his Svengali had gone!

That’s three more of Labour’s candidates the voters would be advised to steer well clear of, when placing their cross on Thursday.

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10 thoughts on “Those Akhtar ‘clones’ ready and waiting?

  1. Ian Jones! Darren Hughes! Dominic Beck! Do you not young daughters, nieces? Don’t your friends have young daughters or nieces? You three should hang your head in shame, I do not Know how you can associate that piece of worthless scum Akhtar whose Martini taxi firm and others ferried these 1400 plus girls around to be sexually abused and raped by mainly Pakistani men. You three make my skin crawl. You should man-up, grow some balls, get some morals and disassociate yourselves from Jahangir Akhtar and show him up for the trash that he is.


  2. Excellent work you have been doing here. Maybe a crib sheet for newbies would be good. Showing all the actors and the connections between them and a brief history of Rotherham politics so that people can understand it all.


    • I met one taxi driver he said he owns more than one of the commissioners
      He rents 7 properties out declares no tax and In Rotherham he has never paid tax while doing taxi and he gets all benefits too and best of he can’t spell Rotherham


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